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Fashion's New It Girl is India Haylee Barton!

Fashion's New It Girl is India Haylee Barton!

Photographer and Makeup artist Gregory Arlt


India posing with top fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth after modeling for her with Marilyn Manson. for King Kong Magazine


I came across India Haylee Barton while perusing Instagram and was immediately blown away ! Not only was she absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, she was all about EDITORIAL Fashion, my FAVORITE! I had to know more and to celebrate this exquisite and talented model who hails from Australia but lives in LA. She is sure to be iconic! Here are some interview questions our intern Alessandra Federico  posed to India Haylee, enjoy!


Photographer: Nadia Lee Cohen / Model India Haylee Barton Hair: Sami Knight / Make-up: Lilly Keys


New work Published in @Volitionmag
Photography: Sequoia Emmanuelle @sequoiaemmanuelle
Make-up: Ashley Joy Beck @ashleyjoybeck
Hair: Lorenzo Diaz @lorenzodiazhair
Stylist: Alexandra Mandelkorn @mandelkorn
Cape: Julia Clancey @juliaclancey 
Ring: Bjorn Van Den Berg @bjornvandenbergworld 

How do you live the relationship with your body?

Its definitely been a journey and still is, but it’s important to look after the body you have. 


Photographer Seema Pejman

Have you always dreamed of being a model?

Not exactly but I always wanted to live in LA since I can remember and I did a lot of acting and singing growing up, and then fell in love with fashion. 


© SH/Sadler Model: India Haylee Barton, Miki Hamano, Em, Val E Makeup: Satya Linak Makeup Assistants: Alisa Yasuda

How did you react to the bullying behavior of your classmates?

It was definitely hard, and I should’ve stood up for myself a lot more, but I believe that everything happens for a reason, whether its good or bad experiences in life, they all build up the person you are, and I’m pretty happy with her.


Pic credit  @josefjassophoto Makeup Artist Satya Linak

What advice do you give to people who have been bullied?

Try not to let them get to you too much, you’re way cooler than you think !


Photographer and Makeup artist Gregory Arlt using @maccosmetics & @macpro 

What kind of music do you like?

I love music, so we go all over the place here from Britney Spears to Hole. I love grunge, pop, classic rock, blues, soul, punk, rap, jazz, electronica, French music….


Photographer Albert Sanchez and Pedro Zalba Makeup Makeup artist Gregory Arlt using @maccosmetics & @macpro 

Did your parents support you in this job?

 Yes, they’re both really free spirited and support me with everything. 


Photographer  @sequoiaemmanuelle Make-up by @lijhajade Hair by @jaimeedencreates Styled by @melvinstyles Dress  @thelastfolliescloset 

How do you spend your free time?

I spend it with my friends getting creative, L.A is a really fun city so there’s a lot to do.


For @alpinebutterflyswim 

What is your biggest dream?

To have a big enough platform and voice to really make a real difference.

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