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Men’s Work-wear Dominates Street Style by Francesca Tysse

Men’s Work-wear Dominates Street Style by Francesca Tysse

Photographer Francesca Tysse Model DaShawn Williams

Work-wear brands have grown from the industrial environment to everyday commuters, high street style and the hipster scene. So why?

Accessibility and affordability

The work-wear brands such as Carhartt, Dickies and others are sold in department stores. Selling these items at local malls and stores makes these items easily accessible for any individual and their popularity is growing.

The work-wear style has been taking over high street style due to the outfits being practical and affordable to the everyday wearer. Why is that? The price of work-wear deems the clothing as not luxury due to the audience the brands are targeting, which is the hard-working individuals who work in construction, carpentry, tool and die, plumbing and repairing.



The durability of the work-wear attire is unmatched by fast fashion brands. The clothing is thick, well-tailored, functional, long lasting and versatile.

The transcending trend of work-wear is timeless. The appeal of this type of fashion is due to the sturdiness, comfort, causality, toughness, accessibility and well-designed fabric and pieces. It is no surprise that the traditional work garments of carpenters, construction workers and industrial laborers are being integrated into street-wear styles.

The men’s work-wear trend is fit for purpose: commuting, working, casual coolness, skateboarding, etc. The functional work-wear items are loose, comfortable, durable and long lasting.

The key work-wear pieces that you need to integrate into your street-wear wardrobe are:


The beanie is an essential accessory to one’s street-wear attire. The functional beanie is designed for the fall and winter weather, but it is a versatile accessory for almost any outfit. There are many types of beanies, but the variety of shapes, colors and sizes, permit one to experiment with one’s outfit and hair to see whether one feels the look.

The simple beanie is a winter staple that requires minimal effort to get it to look right. This must-have winter item is perfect to hide one’s bed head and maintain warmth.


Work boots

It is difficult to find a durable pair of boots to last from Fall to early Spring due to salt, ice and snow in certain climates. It is critical to have a long lasting pair of boots that are not only tough, but warm. One’s whole outfit can be thrown off, or enhanced due to the color, or aesthetic of one’s choice of footwear. Thanks to the trend of work-wear becoming a popular everyday essential to one’s cool yet casual outfit

The winter staple of Timberland, Wolverine, Chippewa and Justin boots, assists one to maintain comfort, while giving off a put together look. One can wear a pair of work boots with jeans rolled up at the bottom or tucked into the boots. It simply depends on the style of the boots and one’s comfortability.

It is critical to have a pair of boots that pairs well with almost every outfit. So when one is decided which color shall I buy? I would recommend darker colored boots to wear with darker jeans such as black, dark brown, etc. On the other hand, lighter jeans pair well with lighter shades of brown and tan. The neutral colors of work-wear boots compliment every outfit.

Vests: puffy or denim

Integrating a puffy or denim vest into one’s wardrobe is a rising trend. Not only is the item comfortable, but also affords the wearer more mobility due to the lack of bulky sleeves. The vest is a great go-to item to wear instead of a mid-weight jacket, when one is simply commuting via car and does not have to walk a long distance, yet wants to stays stylish.

Vests compliment outfits by making a downplayed color pop out more such as the neutral work boots or beanie. The vest can add a nice warm touch to the overall look by integrating colors to throw off others that one is wearing such as the colors of t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, flannels, etc.



Flannels are a Fall staple, but they are a transcending trend for all seasons. They can range from lightweight to heavyweight, tight fit to loose fit, and from thin fabric to thick and cozy fabric. It just depends on one’s style and what type of look, one is attempting to achieve.

Adding a pop of color is easy by combining a flannel into a layered look. Flannels come in all color combinations, fabrics and designs. Plaid flannels are a great way to contrast the neutral color of one’s pants, work boots, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. One to three flannels are enough to complete one’s wardrobe throughout the seasons, because it is a layering staple and a versatile item.

Not sure how to wear a flannel or how to integrate it into your wardrobe? Tuck the buttoned-up flannel into your jeans and add a belt as a fashion accessory. Another way to rock a flannel is by leaving it unbuttoned and flowing as a cozy cover-up to show off a layered hoodie or shirt underneath it.


Rocking a pair of overall is a bold fashion statement. Overalls pair well with a turtleneck, long sleeve or flannel. During the colder seasons, I would suggest wearing a pair of dark-washed jeans that are skinny or straight legged, which will make it easier for one to tuck the ends into, or roll them above the boots. But overall this article of clothing is one of the most versatile because one can wear it during any season, due to the affordances of light or heavy layering. The combinations are infinite with overalls. Play around with layering in order to see what works comfortably and fashionably for you.



Everyone has a favorite hoodie or sweatshirt because they are soft, comfortable, warm and easy to integrate into almost any outfit. There are a variety of styles such as a hooded sweatshirt, mock neck sweatshirt, pull-over sweatshirt and more. Sweatshirts are a great article for layering. The light or heavy-duty sweatshirts operate as an essential item to have in one’s Fall and Winter wardrobe due to the insulation it provides, handiness and casual coolness it adds to one’s overall look.

Sweatshirts are easy to dress up with a vest or jacket to keep you warm while looking fashionable during whatever event you are attending inside or outside. The designs of hoodies vary which makes it more fun to shop and accessorize with them in order to suite one’s personality and style.


Everyone needs at least one sturdy and insulated jacket. Keep in mind not to order true a jacket too small because during harsh conditions and temperatures, one will need to layer underneath the jacket. Having a neutral colored jacket allows for infinite combinations of colors, layering and accessorizing.

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