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Male Plus Size Fashion Vloggers to Follow! by Francesca Tysse

Male Plus Size Fashion Vloggers to Follow! by Francesca Tysse

Fashion vlogs are the newest trend to get fashion inspiration, tips, hacks, advice and more, but where are the plus size male fashion vlogs? The fashion industry forgets to recognize the heterogeneity of body types and genders, but thanks to YouTube’s platform the plus size male community has the opportunity and affordances to express themselves, discuss topics that are not being covered, share advice and wisdom on subjects from fashion to life which fosters an inclusive community. With the uprising trend of plus size men of all sizes creating YouTube channels, there is now an existing support system out there for larger men who are insecure about their bodies and lifestyles.

Representation matters for all. Through the act of creating dialogue on plus size men’s bodies and clothing, vloggers are demanding to be seen, heard and respected not only online, but in fashion, work and life. Change across all industries for plus size bodies will occur once experiences, hardships, challenges, discrimination are all discussed, shared and heard. YouTube vloggers are taking on the platform’s opportunity to speak upon their experiences and hardships they face not only in fashion and clothing but also everyday life.

Want to follow inspirational plus size male vloggers? Here are the up and coming vloggers to know and follow.


Bryant Devon

Bryant Devon is a body positive, lifestyle and fashion vlogger for bigger men. He has over 6,200 subscribers! Devon started his YouTube channel journey in July 2016. His videos cover an array of topics such as fashion, working out, family, anxiety, moving, music, clothing hauls, skin care, relationships, home decor, shopping tips for big and tall men and so much more! His content is relatable, helpful and useful for all.

Check out his social media:

Personal website: http://www.imbryantdevon.com

Instagram: @imbryantdevon

Twitter: @imbryantdevon

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/imbryantdevon

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/imbryantdevon/

Snapchat: @imbryantdevon



Tony De La Rocha is a plus size male vlogger who covers it all. His channel includes topics such as clothing try on hauls, skin care routines, trips, decorating, cooking, seasonal videos, gift giving, working out, his shoe collection and more. He started his YouTube journey in June 2009 and has gained over 1,000 subscribers ever since. Make sure to check out his newest clothing haul or adventure and his social media pages:

Instagram: @tonydelarocha

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/tony.rocha.393

Snapchat: @tonydelarocha


Drape Griffin

Drape Griffin’s channel focuses on plus sized men’s fashion such as street wear and sneakers. Griffin exclaims, “If you’re in between a 2x and a 5x, I am your guy.” The vlogs contain clothing hauls and clothing reviews to increase and spread knowledge on plus size menswear. Griffin has 51 subscribers and is growing. Check out his channel and other social media pages:

Instagram: @halloweenheem

Twitter: @halloweenheem

It’s important to recognize and showcase love for all body types. Embracing the body that one is in and spreading the love they have for it, is a radical act. These vloggers are challenging the dominant society’s idealization of body image, self-love, self-respect, attractiveness, fashion and more! Creating an online presence has the ability to reach those who do not have a community or a support system. Always seek out inspiration, and share your experience, knowledge and advice with all. I hope to see more plus size male vloggers within the next year or so as we all continue to talk about how beautiful, valued, worthy and appreciated plus size male bodies are.

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