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Supermodel And Photographer Velvet D’Amour Has A Plus Size Fashion Magazine And It’s Gorgeous

Velvet d’Amour makes waves in the world of fashion. She’s the only “super-size plus” model to strut down Paris runways for John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her modeling expertise informs her career as a photographer, and she is dedicated to displaying the beauty of diverse bodies—no matter race, size, ability, or gender. Velvet is also a friend of BUST. A few years ago, she turned her prodigious skills to spreading her message of inclusive fashion in the form of a magazine called Volup2. And we’re obsessed.

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Volup2 Magazine Takes Our Breath Away with Two New Plus Size Fashion Editorials

Shout-out to international model and photographer Velvet d'Amour!

Described as “V Magazine, but with a whole lot more curves,” VOLUP2 is all about showcasing high editorial fashion via a wide range of diverse bodies. That means genuinely bringing the forgotten into high-fashion —  bearded ladies, burn survivors, differently-abled models, transgender, albino or senior models. And we truly mean genuine… this ain’t for shock value… it’s art.

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Velvet d’Amour works “both in front and behind the lens” and is one of the biggest acts of the Plus Size modeling scene. 
She is really involved in changing society’s vision of beauty standards. To that end, she created VOL•UP•2, the magazine that empowers the beauty lying in diversity.

Back in 2009, she shared her experience about the Paris runway for John Galliano‘s and Jean Paul Gaultier‘s spring collections. 6 years later, we asked her a few questions to know more about the evolution of her career and her opinion on the Plus size debate.

“You don’t really need to seek acceptance as much as you need to differentiate yourself from the rest”

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