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An All-Inclusive Wedding by Mara Kissinger

An All-Inclusive Wedding by Mara Kissinger

Everyone who has a vision of their wedding day has a different one.  But the one thing that isn’t talked about enough when it comes to weddings is how one incorporates a multitude of different identities that they or others at their wedding may have.  What if you’re queer and want something non-traditional to wear or what if you’re disabled and just want the garments you wear on that day to have your needs in mind. Whatever it is that you want for when you get married here is a guide for what and who you can support in your all-inclusive wedding

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This is one category that might send your head spinning.  Just finding a venue you like could be a challenge, never mind the fact that you probably want it to be accessible.  Luckily, Offbeat Bride has some handy guides for determining accessibility in your wedding, some general tips, and 7 questions to ask when you’re considering all the logistics.  Additionally, here are some places where you can search for venues and filter with accessibility under Amenities or Other Features (though specifications must be made when you check out the venue for yourself):


Event Up


Wedding Venue Map (Only serving Florida as of July, 2019)


Event Source



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The Rings and Jewelry:

Luckily there are plenty of places where you can get custom jewelry if you need something specific or other shops where you can find something generic.  But if you’re looking to also support some queer-owned business while you shop for the perfect accessories, might I suggest these sellers:

Automic Gold


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Finding that perfect dress can be a moment that some people dream of for a long time, but that can be very difficult if you don’t fit into some of society’s rigid molds.  If you’re feeling like you want to wear a dress for your wedding here are some potential places and resources so that you can find that perfect one for you.

Guides to shopping while disabled:

Magpie Wedding (What you and boutiques should know)

Mobile Women (For wheelchair users)

For a tight Budget:

Tradesy (Up to size 28)

Pre-owned Wedding Dresses (Up to size 36)

Online Custom Dresses:

Beautiful Day: This little boutique on Etsy boasts a large selection of 200+ dresses in all different designs though mostly white up to size 30.  It also the option to do custom dresses.

Brides and Tailor: This Etsy shop has a specific custom listing for a range of different options as well as separating options such as trains and bodices.  They also have modest dresses for those who want to feel more modest for personal or religious reasons.

Yours and Mine Bridal: This Etsy shop does pretty much entirely custom dresses but they also have a couple premade options and other little things related to a wedding.

 Tonena: If you’re looking for some out of the box dresses in colors or with lots of flowery lace you have come to the right Etsy shop.  All of their dresses are sized to your measurements and they are happy to skype with you through that process.

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If you’re looking for that perfect wedding day suit but maybe have some specific needs outside of traditional retailers, there are plenty of options to appeal to every size, gender, ability, and age.

Custom and Queer:

Bindle and Keep

Kipper Clothiers

Created for Disabled/Older People:

Adaptations by Adrian (Can be custom made)

Silverts (Unfortunately only up to a 2X)

Able 2 Wear (Unfortunately only up to a 2X)

IZ Adaptive (Unfortunately only up to a 2X)

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Androgynous Options:

Maybe the traditional is just something you have never wanted in your wedding.  If you’re feeling like you want something much more genderless here are some options that may suit you.

Go for a jumpsuit:  Checkout David’s Bridal or Kleinfeld where they have a couple of options.  Or you can talk to any of the above listed custom dress shops to see if they would be able to accommodate it.

Grab a patterned suit:  You can find some great options at Asos in both the “women’s” and “men’s” section.


(Photographer: Robyn Nicole)


Though shoes are not the centerpiece of any given wedding, they are something to consider.  Sometimes classic retail stores just don’t have the options you might want. Whether you’re trans-masc or trans-femme and have feet that just don’t match what society expects you to have or were simply born with a foot size that isn’t always accommodated in retail here are the places you can go:

Masc shoes in a smaller size:

Tomboy Toes: A queer owned business specializing in masculine dress shoes made for smaller feet.

Zappos: A classic choice but one that offers masc dress shoes down to a men’s size 3/women’s size 5.

Shoes.com: A store with a massive range of shoes down to a men’s size 2/women’s size 4

Femme shoes in a larger size:

Long Tall Sally: Offers heels and other fancy shoes from women’s size 10-15/men’s size 8-13.

Penny Loves Kenny: Medium and wide shoes up to a women’s size 14/men’s size 12.

Pleaser: For those seeking a large but also sexy femme shoe here is the shop for you stocking up to a women’s size 16/men’s size 14.

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(Photographer: Shawnee Custalow)

Registry and Misc:

Here are some other fun places to visit that can help you plan and organize the inclusive wedding of your dreams!

Zola (a queer friendly registry)

Milestone Candles (Queer owned business for celebratory candles)

Beauty Bright Design (Queer owned custom card business)

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(Photographer: Shawnee Custalow)

Congratulations on finding your person!

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