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Get the Look: Betty Pamper

Get the Look: Betty Pamper

I first stumbled across Betty Pamper’s profile while idly browsing through my Facebook feed, I clicked the link out of curiosity, and was immediately taken in by her header, namely a smirking pinup-esque woman dressed in a leopard bodysuit showing ample cleavage and riding a pencil. That alone was reason enough for me to shoot her a message wondering if I could use some of her pictures in this article, good thing she said yes or we would all be bereft of her rockabilly sensibilities. Betty is the British Plus Sized Blogger Winner of 2014, which comes at no surprise if you take a minute to check out her blog. On it she covers fashion, makeup, beauty and also shares some of her opinions on varying topics. My favorite opinion post of hers is an “Open Letter To Stevie Nicks” whose warbled tones I also happen to admire, and think about whenever passing any sort of shawl at a department store. Not only does Betty run her blog, she’s also a published writer, a makeup artist, and helps with the running the T-Shirt brand Nicky Rockets. To top it all off, Betty is also incredibly stylish, out of her many looks posted to her blog, my obvious favorite, given my affinity for alternative fashion is entitled “Look at My Comical Fat Legs” (which is pictured below). Betty describes the look as having a Rockabilly Princess Vibe, which hopefully I’ll be able to help you emulate through this article. Read on for the breakdown of the outfit into four categories: the top, the skirt, the tights, and the accessories.


The Tee that Betty is wearing in the picture is from The Nicky Rocket’s T-Shirt Emporium which as aforementioned, Betty helps run. The Tee features Curverella, a curvy eye-patch wearing axe-wielding heroine that assumedly is a ball buster. Before encountering Betty I’d never heard of the Nicky Rocket Brand before, and decided to poke around the website for more of their designs, most which I happily observed also featured Curverella, who I am now a staunch fan of. My second favorite item on the Nicky Rocket website is the Killer Curves Vest which is printed with the saying ‘Invasion of the Killer Curves’.

Then I started the search online to find other Tees that have the same Rockabilly Princess Vibe to them, below are my finds from RedressNYC and Torrid.



The tights are a major focal point in Betty’s outfit, she’s wearing comic book themed ones from Primark. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the exact pair she’s donning on the Internet so I’ve lined up a couple alternatives that I think fit the bill from Plus Sized Clothing, Modcloth, and CariadInk


Betty is wearing a black pencil skirt from Pink Clove to go with her ensemble. If you want to replicate the exact look, the skirt from Pink Clove is a steal at just under $10.  Just in case you were looking for something similar but not carbon copy I’ve found alternatives from Kilana Brand, Chubby Cartwheels, and Torrid.


The main accessory piece in Betty’s outfit is her headscarf from Diablo Jo’s, sadly I don’t think the exact scarf is still available so I found you a couple alternatives from Lulu Goes Rockabilly, Oh Honey Hush, and 3 Drops of Poison.

Even though Betty isn’t wearing a ton of accessories with her outfit, I wanted to recommend some that I think have the same rockabilly feeling to them. I couldn’t resist adding the Cherry Backseat Baby Purse and the Evil Necklace from Sweet Echo Plus to the list. Both which I think enhance the vibes already going on with the outfit.

Hope you enjoyed the outfit breakdown. If you want more of Betty Pamper and her individual flair for style go check out her blog! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

DANIELLE SIDHU is a current student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities pursuing a degree in theatre arts and hopes to eventually work in the field of theatrical makeup design. She has a strong interest in fashion, beauty, and creative writing and believes strongly in self-love and body positivity. She is an avid fan of science fiction, red lipstick, and winged eyeliner.
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