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8 Places on the Web to Find Full Bust and Plus Sized Lingerie

8 Places on the Web to Find Full Bust and Plus Sized Lingerie

I think every full busted or plus sized girl has had the same problem while shopping for lingerie. I distinctly remember standing in the intimates section of a huge chain department store (which will not be named, of course), and digging through countless numbers of bras trying to find the ever illusive size DDD.  Of course, the whole trip ended in frustration and a bra from a box that was meant to be ‘flesh colored’ but had no hope of matching my skin. The disappointment in intimate shopping has been a constant for me, walking through the aisles of a store, looking at all the fun-colored lacy bras, and then seeing that they were not in my size. Over the years I have tried to squish myself into bras that don’t fit, that have left marks dug into my skin. It was high time I moved on, to finding some cute lingerie that actually fit.

Before I start listing websites where you can find the aforementioned lingerie for the full-busted and plus-sized, I would like to say that lingerie isn’t just for showing off to others. For me it’s a self-confidence booster. I like how I look in a matching set of bra and panties--- and so what if I want to lie around in my apartment in a silky robe watching Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with that, or with loving your body. Now, on to the list.

1) I want to start out by mentioning the clear front-runner in plus sized lingerie, Hips & Curves. You might remember them being mentioned in my last article ‘Lady Gaga For The Fat Girl’. After revisiting the site, I was again surprised on the sheer variety of lingerie they have for sale. Hips & Curves boasts a selection of bras, panties, corsets, hosiery, and even sleepwear. By shopping on this website you can pretty much achieve any lingerie look you want, from sweet and innocent corsets, to sexy leather bustiers, they have it all. After scrolling through all the items I found my personal favorite: the Darcy Satin Push-Up Bra (pictured here in red). It gives the bright color, and the pinup-vibe that I personally adore.

2) After poking around on Etsy I found a store that immediately caught my attention; Leather Coven’s mission is to create “luxe and affordable leather accessories for all bodies”, and from what I can tell, they’ve succeeded. The store offers a variety of leather harnesses, cage skirts, and holsters all priced below $100. My favorite item from Leather Coven is their handmade Vamp Garter Belt (honorable mention goes to the Medusa Bustier), which is also made to order.

3) Plus Sized Plum probably has one of cutest web designs I’ve seen in a while, their logo being a purple tiara with, you guessed it, an embossed plum. They offer a good selection of lingerie, and even have a section specifically just for ‘purple lovers’. The item I picked is, of course, a purple halter style babydoll with stretch lace cups, and a flirty ruffled hem. This selection even comes with a free purple g-string.

4) I think I had a little too much fun looking through the ‘costume’ section on the Plus Size Lingerie Boutique. I was particularly fond of the Red Riding Hood, and Ursula costumes they had in stock. Not only does the Boutique supply costumes, it also sells plus-sized dresses, teddies, and robes. I wouldn’t mind spending a day lounging around in their Charmeuse & Lace Chemise and Robe Set. If you act fast you can save 20% on this and other select items with the code SEXY20.

5) The website Lingerie Diva also has a large plus sized section, and while searching through their items, I was almost tempted to pull out my debit card for their Queen Retro Bra Set (since I am both a sucker for bows and floral print). Not only does Lingerie Diva produce a large quantity of items to select from, the prices are surprisingly low; with a lot of them on sale after the holidays. 


6) Empreinte Lingerie is where you want to look if you’re having trouble finding a bra that supports and gives full coverage. Though Empreinte is pricey, especially for my college-student tastes, buying a bra from them would be an investment and a long time addition to your closet. Did I forget to mention that their products are also stunning? Take a look at the Empreinte Melody Plunge Bra, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

7) The website Her Room has a section of bras specifically for those of us who are DD+. I clicked on the link expecting there to only be a couple of options available, but to my surprise there was a full nineteen pages of bras, and the selection was not only limited to ‘flesh’ colored. Along with this DD+ section, there is another for plus sized items! Her Room could easily be a one-stop shop for the full-busted and plus-sized girl. My choice of bra from Her Room would be the Danielle (ha!) which comes in peacock blue, imperial purple, or dusty rose.

8) On first encountering the PrimaDonna webpage, I was immediately drawn to the BANG BANG Balcony Bra (pictured above), which comes in a bright shade of lime green and is part of the upcoming PrimaDonna Twist summer collection. I suggest you look through their collections yourself. My upcoming favorite is Queen of the Night, which is described as “…all style, glamour and sexy details. Feminine tulle with a fine glitter pattern, a subtle bit of bare skin here and there”.  Glitter and tulle? Sounds perfect.

DANIELLE SIDHU is a current student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities pursuing a degree in theatre arts and hopes to eventually work in the field of theatrical makeup design. She has a strong interest in fashion, beauty, and creative writing and believes strongly in self-love and body positivity. She is an avid fan of science fiction, red lipstick, and winged eyeliner.
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