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The Art of Rolf Ohst

The Art of Rolf Ohst

Rolf Ohst:  www.rolf-ohst.de

Anja Es      : www.anja-es.de


  • The female nude, one of the oldest subjects of visual art, has definitely

    stopped to cause public outrage. Women's bodies are universally

    present in fine art, photography and in movies and are applied freely in

    advertising, decoration and animation. The visual representation of the

    naked woman has become ubiquitous.

    Particularly the advertising industry has - over the years - created the

    idea of the young, tall and slender woman with captivating beauty as a

    role model for Western societies. In that context the general

    understanding is that 'young' means 'under 30' and slender is defined

    as approximately 55 kg. Only a minority of healthy woman can match

    those standards, however, but that seems to be of no concern to the

    international fashion industry. Business controlled sex appeal has to

    meet those standards - women must sell - therefore they have to look

    that way.

    The devoted artist, of course, doesn't allow himself to be controlled by

    any mainstream views and opinions.

    Rolf Ohst, who has gained a reputation of being one of Germany's

    leading contemporary realists sincerely believes in this attitude. With

    great precision, he is devoted to the painting of the nude body. Many

    artists do that, nevertheless, Rolf Ohst's art has a special effect on each

    individual viewer.

    "My aim is to express the liberation of the woman from her collective

    constraints and limiting clothes. I am always thrilled when I realize what

    kind of effect this attitude and consequently my art has on the viewer,"

    says Ohst, when you get the chance to talk to him at exhibitions of his


    Few art dealers have the courage to display his art, but those who do

    find out that the desire of the public, to see the true and real naked

    women he paints, is just tremendous. There is a definite reaction to his

    art, which includes all real feelings we are capable of : Lust of the flesh,

    fear and loathing, boundless enthusiasm - sometimes a relaxed sigh …..

    : "finally ….. ! ….that's what I've been waiting for all the time."

    Rolf Ohst celebrates the female body as it is. Those who know will feel

    the intricate sexuality which radiates from his paintings. "Earth" depicts

    the ongoing exploitation of the planet. "Do not be afraid" shows a

    sensitive and vulnerable young girl. With "Our Father" he expresses his

    belief that all major religions in reality nail the women to the cross.

  • The size of his paintings tends to be huge, which is a true challenge to

    the viewer, but also the reason for tension and the particular atmosphere

    in his exhibitions. He paints obese women, passionate and lustful

    dreamers, oblivious nymphs, mothers, girls, wanton curvy beauties,

    mighty sensitive and fragile ladies and fat voluptuous thighs. He makes a

    point of painting everything as it is, but looking at it, you feel his

    passionate love for the subject.

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