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9 Spanish Brands for Plus Size Women    by Cristina Bonilla

9 Spanish Brands for Plus Size Women by Cristina Bonilla

It is great that clothing companies have begun expanding their clothing lines by adding plus-size sections so no woman is left behind and they can rock their curves.

Having curves and shopping for plus-size clothing can be a little bit difficult at times, especially when traveling where you may not know which stores carry the type of clothing you are looking for.  We decided to pull together some of the Plus Size stores/designers in Spain.

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 Adolfo Dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez is a Spanish fashion designer. He took over his father’s boutique and started working on his own designs and made it big in Madrid. Now his brand is known not only across Spain but also abroad. He added the AD+ line for curvy women. Sizes range from 44-56.


AD+ Dress with Degrade Print

 Violeta by Mango

Mango is a Spanish brand founded in Barcelona by brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andic. Violeta is the plus-size line in Mango. Ranging from 40-54 offering blouses, dresses, pants, and more. 


Polka dots asymmetric jumpsuit

This brand started as a family business in 1982. Now the company has expanded across Europe hitting Portugal, France, and Italy. All their clothing is made in Barcelona and it is specific for plus-size women. 


Top Lucy Photographer Agustina Rodriguez

Carisal Fashion

This brand focuses on plus-size women giving them modern fashion. Their sizes go up to European size 70. This line was created 20 years ago to give curvy women the satisfaction of being able to feel confident in their clothing.

Carisal Fashion

La Luz De Candela

This line markets itself for young women with curves. They sell from every day clothe, to a night out outfit. This store is only located in Madrid, Spain.


La Luz de Candela Camiseta

Lottie Lenceria

This brand offers women a variety of lingerie for all ages and sizes. Women with larger breast have a harder time finding bras that fit and feel well but Lottie Lenceria makes sure that every women feels good by offering bras in any size. This brand was founded and it is located in Madrid, Spain.


Lottie Linceria Elomi Caitlyn


This brand is part of the Spanish Inditex Group. The company was created in 1998 aiming their clothing to young people. In 2011 they launched their online market in many different countries across Europe. 


Photo by LuAnne D’Souza


This company was founded in 1993 by Cortefiel. This brand offers bikinis, clothe, accessories, sleep wear and more for any women. Their first store was open in Madrid, Spain and in 2001 it was when their company started to expand.


Women’secret Top de B


Muy Bien is a clothing brand located in Orihuela Coast founded by Janne Gangstad. Ranging their sizes from European size 40-64. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 12.15.23 PM.png

Muy Bien Morgan Swimsuit

Concoce Bloggers de Espana  Cristina Bonilla

Concoce Bloggers de Espana Cristina Bonilla

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