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POP PLUS in Sao Paulo Brazil - Latin America's largest plus size fashion event!

POP PLUS in Sao Paulo Brazil - Latin America's largest plus size fashion event!


Two-day fair takes place in São Paulo since 2012 and was attended by 5,000 people in the latest edition


São Paulo, Brazil - March 15, 2017


The trendiest fashion plus size culture fair in Brazil is back. Club Homs, on Paulista Avenue, hosts Pop Plus on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm with free admission to boot. The 16th edition offers several new features: nine brands will sell men's clothing, including LAB, by acclaimed rapper Emicida, a newcomer to the event; in addition to that a solidarity bazaar by Ju Romano, Brazil's best-known plus size fashion blogger. In total, the first Pop Plus for 2017 will feature 57 fashion brands and accessories.


Organized by journalist Flávia Durante, director of Cena Pop Eventos Criativos, in partnership with Art Shine Promoções e Eventos, Pop Plus is a reference in the segment in Brazil. Attendees will find clothing, accessories, footwear, lingerie, beach and fitness wear - both men's and women's - for those who wear plus size and look for modern moldings, fresh and stylish prints. "Pop Plus is currently aimed at the most diverse styles for women, from 'it girl' to the 'young executive''. Now we also want to embrace the male audience by bringing many new features for men of varied profiles, from 'classic' to 'contemporary''," says Flávia.


The plus size market is looking good in Brazil, even with the country going through an economic and political crisis. According to 2015 data from Abravest (Brazilian Apparel Association), the plus size fashion market annually moves around USD 1.42 billion, representing 5% of the total turnover of the clothing sector, which exceeds USD 28.41 billion. According to 2015 data from IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), close to 60% of the Brazilian population is considered plus size.


According to Google Adwords, the term "plus size" has had a search growth of almost 20 times in the last 5 years. However, only 17.5% of retailers in Brazil sell clothes for large people, with only 3.5% of stores specializing in plus size fashion (Source: Brazilian Micro and Small Enterprises' Support Service). Veja São Paulo, sister edition of one the best selling weekly magazines in Brazil, recently portrayed this growing market its cover.


Panoramic view


These are the confirmed brands for the first Pop Plus of 2017:


Women's fashion: Ackon, Asobi Mode Japan, Assens, Atelier Cretismo, Attribute Jeans, Beauty in Curves, Belle Rose Plus, Cabidemix, Carlota, Chica Bolacha, Clamarroca, Creare, Coletivo de Dois, Dona Mathilde, FALA, Flaminga, Gracia Alonso, LAB, Lollaboo, Lu Carmell, Madeleines, Maria Abacaxita, Melinde, Mii Psiquê, Na Beca, Nina Vazquez, Oh! Querida, Rainha Nagô, Rouge Marie, Siga Raia, Scarlets, True E-motion, Vintage & Cats, We Love Ateliê and Zuya.


Men's fashion: Ackon, Big Men, Chico, Coletivo de Dois, Cuecas Santo Homem, LAB, Lambuzada, Rainha Nagô e True E-motion.


Lingerie/Fitness/Beach/Sleep wear: Gamaia Esportes (fitness); Bambina, Cor de Jambo, Feminina Plus Size and Touha Biquínis (beach wear); For All Types (lingerie and beach wear); GG.rie and Morisco (lingerie), Clube da Meia Calça (pantyhose and antifriction shorts); and Vincullus (pajamas e nightgowns).


Accessories/costume jewelry/shoe wear: Basfond and Boutique Jurema (bijuterias); Mary Help and Thalita Laleme (accessories e costume jewelry); and Sandalú Sapatilhas (shoe wear).


Well being: Spa in Box


Solidarity Bazaar: Ju Romano ("Entre Topetes & Vinis" blog)

03/18 (Saturday) - all proceedings to be donated to Icamiaba project (women empowerment and self-defense)


Africa Plus Size Brasil Bazaar:

03/19 (Sunday) - proceedings to their black and plus size empowerment project


There will be a cool, varied and free program for the Pop Plus Stage, as well as DJs imprint a joyful and high-spirited tone to the event: dance and yoga classes, drag queens and performers, as well as performances by artists in several dance styles. Full programming posted at the fanpage: www.facebook.com/popplusbr and website www.popplus.com.br



Vanessa Joda (yoga classes)


About Pop Plus


Pop Plus is a plus size fashion and culture fair that takes place four times a year in São Paulo, Brazil on March, June, September and December. Its first edition was in December 2012 with 6 exhibitors and its most recent edition, in December 2016, has had more than 50 exhibitors. The event has already had amongst its attractions a panel with top model Fluvia Lacerda, one of most recognizable faces in the plus size segment. Throughout its four-year existence, Pop Plus was attended in total by around 17.000 people. At its core, Pop Plus is fashion as identity and dignity, diversity, representation, strengthening of female entrepreneurship, search for self-esteem and respect for others.


About Flávia Durante


Journalist, press officer and DJ, Flávia Durante has worked on Trip and Tpm magazines, Virgula portal, EMI and Trama record labels and Vegas Entertainment group. She was one of the first bloggers in Brazil, writing on C: \ Blah Blah Blog since October 2000 and on Twitter @flaviadurante since June 2006. Created Pop Plus in December 2012 after growing frustrated of looking for plus size fashion according to her style. The initiative was picked by Brazilian Marie Claire Magazine in April 2015 as one of 24 women who are making a difference. She has also appeared on inspirational women's charts for 2013 and 2014 by Think Olga website.


e Gusta Dance Group


Video reel




For more information


16º Pop Plus

Date: 18th and 19th, March (saturday and sunday)

Schedule: 11AM to 8PM

Venuel: Club Homs - Paulista Avenue, 735 - São Paulo/SP (near Brigadeiro Metro Station)

Free admittance

Website: www.popplus.com.br


Social Networks


Facebook: www.facebook.com/popplusbr

Instagram: www.instagram.com/popplusbr

Twitter: www.twitter.com/popplusbr




Flávia Durante - popplusbr@gmail.com

Cristiane Gracio - cristiane@grandeideiacomunicacao.com.br - (11) 2100-4120 / 9 9702-6009

Marina Sá - marina@grandeideiacomunicacao.com.br - (11) 2100-4121 / 95391-9574


lávia Durante



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