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BABYDOLL BEAUTY COUTURE The World's First Beauty Salon that Caters to the Plus Size woman! Review by Jamie Cole

BABYDOLL BEAUTY COUTURE The World's First Beauty Salon that Caters to the Plus Size woman! Review by Jamie Cole

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As I boarded my flight home from Los Angeles, I checked myself in a tiny cosmetics mirror.  My hair was lack-luster and my brows were in desperate need of some loving care. I closed the mirror, shrugged and thought, ‘as good as it’s going to get!’, and settled into my seat.

Instead of going straight home to Seattle, I previously made arrangements for a weekend layover in Las Vegas. No agenda or itinerary for two days was the perfect remedy to long work week. As I closed my eyes for the quick flight, I remembered a post I had seen about a Las Vegas beauty salon specifically tailored to plus-size clientele and instantly got excited! Oh, the power of Social Media.



I reached out to Babydoll Beauty Couture via Facebook on Friday evening when I arrived in Las Vegas. Jamie Lopez, the owner, was responsive and extremely sweet, providing me with the name of her right-hand gal, Jessica Chambers (IG @model_jessica_chambers). First thing Saturday morning, I reached out to Jessica and asked if they could squeeze me in for a service or two and without hesitation I had an appointment for later that day.  I joked over the phone that I had seen their website, glamorous and strewn with diamonds, that I might be a tad under dressed in my jeans and distressed t-shirt.  Jessica assured me that I would fit right in.



Upon arrival, I was greeted by Jessica with a big hug and immediate offerings of fruit and wine. You could hear laughing at each of the stations as ladies were being pampered while perched upon bespoke chairs covered in beautiful fabrics. I was instantly comfortable and ready for my turn!


My stylist, Ivette (IG @saucedo_style), introduced herself to me and we began our dialogue about how she would transform and brighten up my dull mane. Ivette, a mother of two adorable boys, was bubbly and communicative.  She explained the why’s behind each step she took, which allowed me to add input along the way. Talk about talent! The cut, the color, the texture- everything was perfect!


Being a plus-size woman with ample hips, I was pleased to find that each station was more comfortable than the last. The chairs were well-constructed, did not dig into my legs, and felt sturdy, allowing me to relax and appreciate my time at the salon. During my time at Babydoll Beauty Couture, I saw women of all shapes and sizes who were able to sit back and enjoy their experience. A freedom that some plus-size women never get to experience when navigating the salon world.


We chatted about love, life, empowering others and the things that bring a smile to our faces. All of the women that I met that day had inspiring stories and reasons why they feel strongly about supporting the focus of the salon. I learned that Jessica helps at the salon, spends time promoting Jamie Lopez’s new night club, Babydoll Beauty Club (IG @babydollbeautyclub), and also models for Jamie’s clothing line. Another stylist shared stories of her teachings in Paris. Truly incredible ladies who have chosen to spend their days and nights bringing out the beauty in others.


If ever you make it to Las Vegas, set aside some time to spoil yourself. The team at Babydoll Beauty Couture will surely bring out the sparkle in you!


To set up an appt.

Email: babydollbeautycouture@gmail.com

Phone number: (402) 631-1397 

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