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Inclusive, Eco Friendly Fashion In Plus Size Clothing and Makeup! by Juliet Poucher

Inclusive, Eco Friendly Fashion In Plus Size Clothing and Makeup! by Juliet Poucher

As many may already know, the United Nations has issued a warning that we must make severe environmental changes within 12 years if we want the planet to return to a healthy condition. This is largely due to the part of large corporations and factories, but this doesn't necessarily mean we shouldn't attempt to do our part.

I completely understand that many people, including myself at times, don't engage with eco friendly fashion as much as fast fashion due to its cheap prices and size accessibility. This is a major flaw of high end, environmentally friendly brands--not making eco friendly fashion accessible to plus size women and poor people. However, there are some real glamorous eco friendly fashion and makeup brands that ARE accessible and plus size friendly! Some are more expensive than others, but it's truly not for pretentious reasons; it should be understood that these brands are striving to make a real difference in the world. These companies are taking care of their manufacturers and making sure local workers are able to live in financial comfort while making eco friendly clothes for us unlike many fast fashion corporations. They're also making sure that the elements we're putting on our face are safe and actually good for us in the long run, in which they protest is real self love.

Below are lists of different eco friendly fashion and cosmetic brands that specifically focus on plus size, eco friendly fashion and help the planet and others:



Diane Kennedy

Diane Kennedy's mission statement is all about opening up "sustainable, eco friendly, and organic clothing" to sizes up to 0X-3X. She emphasizes on the soft and luxurious feeling of the bamboo fabric, which is used to make just about everything and how no ironing is required to maintain it. Kennedy designs all of the clothes herself and actively advocates for creating fair labor conditions in North America and Vancouver by attaching local labels.

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Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is all about utilizing recyclable materials and ethical work standards for their manufacturers. They stress their inclusivity by stating in their mission statement that "health and wellness come in many shapes and sizes, and that representation matters." They offer comfortable athletic wear made up of old plastic bottles and fishing nets up to sizes 6XL (US)



Poplinen prioritizes inclusive clothing that especially appeal to plus size women and women of all ethnicities. They strive to add more sizes past 3X and to create two patterns for each design idea to flatter contemporary and curvy fits. They also have a "Find My Size" tool on their website to make it easier for all customers to find their size. Their material is made out of "organic linen, organic cotton, tencel, bamboo, and some dead stock" that translates into comfortable, premium material.

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Hope and Harvest

Hope and Harvest, founded by fashion designer Harvest Powell, is all about ethical manufacturing and taking care of their workers. According to Madison Plus NYC and Essence magazine, Hope and Harvest is also considered one of the top plus size labels in the world. They bring the latest fashion trends to sizes 12-26 (US) with high quality, eco friendly fabrics. Even Rebel Wilson has taken part in promoting them through consumership.

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On the Plus Side

On the Plus Side is a plus size clothing company that is devoted to giving back to schools, workers, and a wide variety of charities. They utilize soft cotton material for many of their designs and even include swimwear and lingerie. They claim that their clothes "look good and feel good!"


Thred Up

If you're trying to invest in eco friendly fashion on a budget, visit Thred Up! Thred Up is one of the largest online secondhand clothing stores that prioritizes plus size clothing that's not always easy to find in your average thrift shop. Buying second hand clothes prevents more waste going into landfill along with being a ot cheaper and having several more sales!


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Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon promotes natural, vegan, and organic makeup/personal products that are handmade by real people. Their packaging is always sustainable for they utilize reusable tins and jars that customers are encouraged to reuse for fun, personal purposes. Their goal is to enforce "natural and effective alternatives to chemical filled products" and to promote true self care and self love.

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Zao Organic Makeup

Zao Organic Makeup is an "eco luxury makeup brand made in Italy and France" that upholds cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan resources. The organization claims that their makeup products will not only last throughout the day, but also nourishes your skin with its natural formulas, especially with skin more prone to acne. They strongly neglect animal testing, make their products refillable, and have a passionate list of their factory ethics on their website.

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Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics is one of the most popular distributors of eco friendly, organic self care products based in Australia. They even have a recycling program which Australian residents can donate or return plastic products of all sizes for the organization to reuse. The cosmetics are also available on Etsy and support various charities ranging from mental illness to animal welfare.

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Couleur Caramel

Couleur Caramel is a vegan cosmetics shop based in France and has achieved high quality, ethical products that create vibrant colors and effects on the skin. They also enforce sustainable packaging and encourage reuse of their materials. Their plant based materials are reported to have a beautifully, anti aging effect on skin.

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Au Naturale

Au Naturale was founded by nuclear analyst, Ashley Prange, who has developed a natural mineral formula that can create bold, rich colors for more dramatic looks. She strives to encourage "cleaner beauty" and that the compromise of price is 100% necessary to preserve our planet and to take better care of ourselves.

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Real Purity

Real Purity is a cruelty free, eco friendly cosmetics company that goes the extra mile to customers and offers sample kits to find their best color. Founder Virginia Fasterling has an impressive biochemistry background and strives to replace toxic products with natural. She also wants to encourage people who suffer from sensitive skin conditions to engage with these innovative products. Real Purity is also available at your local Whole Foods!


Crap Free Skin Care

Cut the Crap. Save your Skin. #yupitactuallyworks Natural l Organic l Vegan l Cruelty Free l Gluten Free l CRAP FREE skin care products And yeah...they actually work! Created by Sabrina Gennarino. Crap Free Skin Care Partners with and Donates Part of its Proceeds to Ian Somerhalder Foundation

If you know any more cheap, accessible, and inclusive brands, please don't hesitate to promote! Treat yourself while supporting these environmentally friendly brands! :)

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