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15 Inclusive Female Tattoo Artists You Should Know About by Juliet Poucher

15 Inclusive Female Tattoo Artists You Should Know About by Juliet Poucher

Looking for new female tattoo artists to follow on Instagram? New tattoo inspirations? These fifteen bad-ass women all have their own unique artistic style that centers around inclusive feminine beauty. Some specialize in illustrating female figures in ultra sexual lighting, and others are more traditionally focused on female icons. But they all seem to advocate for women's freedom to express themselves however they want, whether it's clothing, tattooing, or the way we experiment with sex. Physical expression is not anything we should hold back from or be ashamed of and these fifteen women truly enforce this message, literally and figuratively, through their art in a male dominated profession.

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Manuela Soto (@soto.gang)

Manuela Soto is an LA based tattoo artist who is well known for her voluptuous female characters, primarily based off her own image. She's openly discussed in interviews how drawing versions of herself embracing her sexuality has helped her with self acceptance and loving the body she's in. Soto also has a variety of merchandise with her iconic characters on it such as sweats, hoodies, and more. Follow her IG to see more of her creative designs!

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Suzani (@_suzani)

Suzani is a Montreal based tattoo artist whose work centers around sexual expression among women. She typically uses Asian women and horror film characters as her inspiration. Her line work is very intricate along with intertwining elaborate effects and bold colors that stand out among the line work. To see more of her art, follow her IG!

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Sad Amish Tattooer (@sad_amish_tattooer)

Sad Amish Tattooer is a Bordeaux based tattoo artist who often utilizes voluptuous females in erotic poses as one of her drawing strengths. Her mainly black and white designs also experiment a lot with BDSM images, encouraging sexual liberation for especially women not only within their tattoos but in life.

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Silly Jane (@silly.jane)

Silly Jane is based in Barcelona and specializes in bloody women in erotic perspectives. She also focuses heavily on feminine symbols such as butterflies, snakes, etc. Her brutally feminine art speaks volumes about raw feminine beauty and states that "it's important to express oneself freely, censorship intervenes to set limits..."

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Chanel (@sassybury)

Chanel is an incredibly talented artist based in Anaheim, California who is well known for her explicit art. I've been fortunate enough to experience getting tattooed by her and to this day, it's still my favorite tattoo on my body. Along with tattooing fun characters and personal images, her work centers a lot around sexual expression and feminine beauty.

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Valerie Vargas (@valeriemodernclassic)

Valerie Vargas is a tattoo artist based in London who does breathtaking images of mythical female figures such as Medusa, Virgin Mary, etc. The pieces she has displayed on Instagram are large and expressive, speaking volumes about each character. She brings out the pure feminine beauty out of each one with every detail and co-owns a tattoo shop in London called

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Miki Kim (@_mi_ki_kim)

Miki Kim is based in Seoul, South Korea and is specialized in eccentric designs of women integrated with nature. One thing I admire about her work is the deep emphasis she puts on the eyes and how it tells a story about feminine perspective. She also does smaller, unique designs that no one else may possibly have. For more references, check out her IG!

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Erin Odea (@erinodea)

Erin Odea is a Miami based artist who does various female pieces including this thick beach babe! Her traditional tattoos are fun, quirky, and colorful; going through her page always makes me want to get another tattoo! You can check out her IG to see more unique designs.

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Whitney Havok (@whitneyhavok)

Whitney Havok is a Washington based tattoo artist who specializes in large scale, female pieces incorporated heavily with details that wouldn't be easy to replicate. Along with fiercely feminine portraits, she also does picturesque scenes in nature, realistically detailed animals, and complex line work designs.

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Albie (@albiemakestattoos)

Albie is a Seattle based tattoo artist who does a lot of abstract, femme art that seems as if it's inspired by Picasso. She officially has her own merchandise if you'd like to check that out on her IG!

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Moni Marino (@moni_marino_artist)

Moni Marino is an international tattoo artist based in Germany who also focuses heavily on female portraits, specifically punk rock women. She emphasizes a lot on color, especially on the hair of the women and clearly has a taste for outspokenly liberal women. She also owns her own tattoo shop in Germany called Black Barock Art Palace.

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Jacci Gresham (@aartaccenttat2)

Jacci Gresham is a 71 year old tattoo artist based in New Orleans and has been tattooing now for 46 years. She is known as the first black female artist in the country and she comments on how black people didn't truly become a part of the tattoo community until 2000 while she got her start in the 70s. Not only has she done tattoos for Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys, but she is responsible for the success of many other tattooing careers.

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Zhuo Dan Ting (@zhuodanting)

Zhuo Dan Ting is a tattoo artist/shop owner based in Shanghai and has been in the industry for 16 years. Her tattoos have been featured in some major tattoo magazines and has done many large, detailed pieces for customers. She's also been labelled the "First Lady of Tattoo" in China. Ms.Ting often speaks about how passionate she is about her work and the importance of having originality.

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Jo Harrison (joharrisontattoo)

Jo Harrison is a UK based tattoo artist who is well known for helping people cover up their scars with beautiful tattoos. She strives for her art to "inspire positive change in those people who have suffered trauma...from cancer to self harm."

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Frances Arbie (@francesarbie)

Frances Arbie not only surfs, skates, mountain bikes, and boxes, but she is also one of the most well known female tattoo artists in Manila. This badass woman does a variety of unique tattoos, varying in size and style. She has tattooed "ink lovers from all walks of life" including professionals, celebrities, and athletes.

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