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15 Queer and Inclusive Businesses to Support for Pride and Beyond  by Mara Kissinger

15 Queer and Inclusive Businesses to Support for Pride and Beyond by Mara Kissinger

Everyday at VOLUP2 is PRIDE!

Here are some awesome queer owned and inclusive brands that you can support in you everyday life to show your pride year round.

Transfigure Print Co

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Formed in 2017 by Bailey Sell a trans man from Grand Rapids, MI, Transfigure Print Co is an LGBTQ screen printing business.  Their focus is to “supply the LGBTQ+ community with our goods and services, safe opportunities to raise money, and helpful ways to spread awareness.”  With sizing up to a 4XL they do small runs and work to support the community. (Photo credit Transfigure Print Co, photography by Teter Media)

Automic Gold

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Started by genderqueer Al and their transgender wife Kiera, Automic Gold aims to create “radically wearable fine jewelry for everyone.”  Their models are not photoshopped, not cis-identified, and of all sizes.  Their prices are fair and honest, they won’t overcharge you like other brands.  As well as being inclusive to all they also include their furry friend Luna the dog who sometimes even acts as a model. (Photo credit Automic Gold, model @kendramorous)

Wilde Mode

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Wilde Mode was created for the founder’s own recovery from mental illness in 2018.  In their own words, their “Special designs mean inclusivity, positivity and most of all means having the freedom to be who you truly are, no matter what age, race, colour, shape, size or gender!”  Their Comfort Tops™ and other underwear and clothing go up to a 4XL. Also, they have paired with the charities Art Angel, Give and Make Up, and Smalls for All to help spread the positivity and love. (Photo Credit Wilde Mode, model @existentialcrisistime)

Rebirth Garments

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In their own words “Rebirth Garments’ mission is to create gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability.”  Founder Sky Cubacub certainly accomplishes this, creating gender-affirming, accessible, size inclusive, non-conforming, and all around amazing garments.  Through Radical Visibility, they challenge fashion norms and truly make clothes for every body. (Photo Credit Rebirth Garments, Photographer Colectivo Multipolar, Model Val H

Queer Chocolatier

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Started by Morgan Roddy in 2017, Queer Chocolatier is everything you love about the queer community now with chocolate. In their own words their mission is to “strive to provide high-quality handmade chocolate confections while also standing in solidarity with queer and trans folx.”  Her and her wife have claimed their space figuratively and literally in Muncie, IN where queer people can gather in a safe, sober spot and eat some delicious truffles. (Photo credit Queer Chocolatier)

Origami Customs

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Rae Hill runs “a customized and handmade line of swimwear, lingerie, and more for folks of all genders” called Origami Customs. Customizing all their pieces to any body, Origami Customs is committed to including everyone and giving every person regardless of “size, shape, age, ability and gender expression” something to wear that they can feel great in.  But not only that they also work ethically and sustainably, manufacturing with sustainable fabrics in Canada and partnering with local organizations. (Photo Credit: Rae Hill, Model: Casey)

Offend My Eyes

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According to founder Jack “Offend My Eyes is an LGBT owned company making colourful clothing for all bodies, regardless of gender, shape or size.” Which is exactly what they do. They make clothing with crazy prints up to an 8X for anyone who wants to wear them. The art is hand drawn and the clothing is always custom made in long lasting vivid colors. (Photo Credit: Offend My Eyes)


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XYST UGLI is a queer, trans, and SW owned shop here to upcycle t-shirts with powerful messages. By taking used shirts and making them new, they are able to stop the cycle of fast fashion. A cycle that contributes to climate change and unfairly impacts womxn and queer people. Resisting US capitalism and colonialism means that they also donate to queer folx in need currently to @itswalela a queer activist fighting leukemia. Upcycling also allows them to find any color and any size up to a 4XL. (Photo Credit: Tazia Cira)
Merfolk Jewels

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Merfolk Jewels was born out of owner Emmett’s obsession with jewelry.  As a teenager, Emmett started reselling designer clothing from Goodwill and soon got hooked on reselling jewelry.  After that Emmett became employed at a jewelry store and the rest is history. Merfolk Jewels sources antique and vintage pieces from sellers and thrift stores and contemporary pieces from carefully vetted wholesale sources.  They acid test everything to make sure it is of proper quality and material. (Photo Credit: Merfolk Jewels, Photographer Emmett)

Beefcake Swimwear

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Beefcake Swimwear is beefing up the market of androgynous size inclusive swimwear. Their one piece suits are inspired by a 1920s style and made using eco friendly sustainable material. Their sizes are from XS to 5X made in the US. They are open and honest about pricing showing you what goes into every step and committed to giving everyone an awesome suit. (Photo Credit: Beefcake Swimwear)

Plus Equals

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The mission statement of Plus Equals is simple and clear to “get shaking things up.” They make clothes for fierce femmes of all genders and all sizes. Though their range is uk sizes 14-42, they are ready and willing to make you any size or alteration that you need. They are their for those who want to see larger bodies represented while they shop and as they say in their own words “we vow to you, our customers, followers, fans & friends, we will fight for you, and we will always put diversity above anything else.” (Photo Credit: Plus Equals)

Sicko Stitching

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With punch packing slogans and sizes up to 4X Sicko Stitching aims to “create interesting, high-quality, unique pieces for all bodies.” At least according to founder and creator Emma Flaherty. Every item is customizable from the color of the item to the color of the thread. There’s also one of a kind options and commissions available if you’re looking for something specific. (Photo Credit: Sicko Stitching)
Blood, Milk and Honey

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Blood, Milk and Honey is a shop that sells all sorts of apparel printed with cool designs and slogans. They make merchandise for all ages with sizes up to a 5X all about your favorite things. From queer issues to game of thrones they have you covered. Currently they are also doing a fundraiser for Saefty Ottawa Ottawa, an organization assisting trans youth of Ontario. Currently (as of June 2019) 10% of the profits from the above t-shirt go to the organization. (Photo Credit: Blood, Milk and Honey )



If you’re looking for some awesome accessories look no further than I Still Love You NYC or ISLYNYC for short. In their own words ”formed at the intersection of synthetic, computerized mass-production and organic, small-scale craftsmanship, comes a style as experimental as it is wearable, as powerful as it is feminine and as daring as it is refined.”  Made for anyone who likes bold pieces ISLYNYC is also all about inclusion pairing up with drag queens and celebrating diversity. (Photo Credit: ISLYNYC)



Born out of founder Eli’s need for binders that didn’t hurt their ribs, Shapeshifters has been creating custom binders that don’t hurt ribs since 2013. With their wife Krista, they have truly engineered an amazing size inclusive business working to provide the best and most fun binders on the market. But not only that, they have also engineered a sports bra option for all of those who don’t have chest dysphoria and all their tops can be worn on their own. In their own words, “We are dedicated to creating comfy custom garments to fit any need and offer the largest range of nude tones available on the market.” All that means that they truly welcome every size, gender, and color to enjoy some awesome custom clothing. (Photo Credit: Shapeshifters)

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