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16 Confidence Boosting Tips for Hitting the Beach/Pool this Summer by Mara Kissinger

16 Confidence Boosting Tips for Hitting the Beach/Pool this Summer by Mara Kissinger

Photo Velvet d’Amour Model Yanderis Lodos

We all know that summer is a difficult time for many people.  Fatphobia is at an all-time high with talk of beach bodies and who should and shouldn’t be wearing that swimsuit as well as access issues to public places like pools.  There’s pressure to leave the house and do fun things even if you can’t or don’t want to, and dealing with gender and dysphoric feelings can become harder when choosing clothing and swimwear. On top of all of that, being hot and sweaty is something that absolutely no one enjoys.  How ever you deal with summer is perfect, as the musical artist Anne-Marie says “I’m okay with not being perfect cause that’s perfect to me.” But if you need some pointers for a more enjoyable summer in the sun here they are:

Curate your social media to follow people who inspire you, avoid accounts which may be triggering


Try accounts like @sarkifylife, @littlearthlings, @zaftig.art, @yrfatfriend Image by Sark

Get the swimsuit you want and rock it regardless of gender, ability, age or size


Checkout Rebirth Garments, Origami Customs, or Beefcake  (Image and swimsuits from Rebirth Garments)

Go out with friends who are positive and make you feel good

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Find some local Meetup groups to make new friends go for a hobby or a passion.  Book clubs, knitting groups, fat people pool parties, support groups, people in the same area on Instagram, conventions! (Photo credit @sarageurts, photographer @brianaberglund, models: @sarageurts, @emilyyclare, @mckyla.mariposa, @mya.jeannine, @aprilmitchell, @birthmarkprincess, @niaa_yangg @thefriendineverwanted)

Challenge diet culture and relax food rules

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Learn more about health at every size and intuitive eating checkout Laura Thomas for tips and support.  (Image and awesome shirt by Fat Mermaids)

Take breaks.  Don’t push yourself too hard to do everything

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There is often a push to go out and do more during summer but remember to take time to relax.  Watch a movie or read a book inside if you’re feeling too overwhelmed. (Image from @littlearthlings)

Do some things that are fun and relaxing while at the beach or pool


Bring some cards and play a game, read a book (check out VOLUP2’s 18 Brilliant Plus Size Books to Check Out This Summer), play a pool game, draw in the sand. Photo by Velvet d’Amour

Accessorize! Find other items of clothing or jewelry that make you feel great


Rings, hats, wraps, towels, earrings, sunglasses, button-down shirts.  (Check out Automic Gold for these gorgeous rings)

Notice and question fatphobia


Listen to fat liberation podcasts like The Fat Lip and consider how fat people are treated differently.  Notice moments when you feel marginalized and take time to acknowledge that and take care of yourself. Photo by Velvet d’Amour

Call out fatphobia when you see it

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Ask someone using fat as an insult why fat would be negative, set boundaries with your friends about discussing beach bodies, have conversations about how fat people are marginalized.  (Image and awesome shirt by Fat Mermaids)

Notice and question negative thoughts about yourself

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Try countering with a positive one, or think about all the ways that that thought isn’t true, or confide in some friends and boost each other up. Photo by Velvet d’Amour

Take the extra time to care for your mind and body when you need it


Take a bath after a long day, eat a favorite meal, practice mindfulness, spend quality time with someone special, put on a favorite lotion, write in a diary, put on something particularly soft, listen to calming music. Photo by Velvet d’Amour

Look for clothing to keep you cool and dry

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Cotton and linen are two of the best fabrics, viscose and silk can also work well. Photo by Velvet d’Amour

Find spaces that make you feel safe and welcomed

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Go to a local LBGTQ center if you’re part of the community, attend a fat pool party sometimes hosted by Golden Confidence, look for accessible locations to support, try some places that are more private.  (Image from @littlearthlings) Check out VOLUP2’s article on the ALLGO app

Affirm your gender identity in every way you can

mail (5).png

Wear swimming binders or gaffs, choose colors and prints that make you feel pretty or handsome or any other adjective that makes you smile.  (Image from @comfyfattravels)

Remember that society’s rules for you are bs


Photo of Jes Baker by Velvet d’Amour

Take deep breaths and have fun!  You’ve got this


Photo of Miss Fortune by Velvet d’Amour

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