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8 Fun, Inclusive & Body Positive TV Shows Worth Binge Watching This Summer by Juliet Poucher

8 Fun, Inclusive & Body Positive TV Shows Worth Binge Watching This Summer by Juliet Poucher

RuPaul's Drag Race

Race RuPaul's Drag Race is an Emmy winning American series that showcases fourteen drag queens of all different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to compete for the title of America's Next Drag Superstar along with a cash prize. The queens are judged by RuPaul Charles, Michelle Visage, and Santino Rice. RuPaul's Drag Race is an incredibly addicting series full of stunning outfits and makeup, comical personalities, and a whole lot of drama. If you haven't already started, you absolutely have got to.



Glow is a Netflix original series set in the 1980's about a group of bad-ass women that identify as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The comedy portrays all different types of women from various backgrounds, struggles, and hilarious stage names. Glow is reported to "challenge the stereotype of fat bodies as inherently unfit or unhealthy." These women are strong, sexy, and contain such bold personalities; it's most definitely worth a watch


Queer Eye, More Than a Makeover

Queer Eye is a beautiful American Netflix series about five gay men with specific expertises (commonly known as 'The Fab Five') who advise straight men on how to be a better man in every way. The group consists of Antoni Porowski, a food and wine expert, Tan France, a fashion expert, Karamo Brown, a culture and lifestyle expert, Bobby Berk, a design expert, and Jonathan Van Ness, a grooming expert. They typically choose straight men with unhealthy lifestyles but their transformations are incredibly wholesome and inspiring. The ultimate goal is for these men to have their best attributes brought out of them, not to drastically change anything about them, and to discover a new self confidence that comes with this makeover.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a wholesome Netflix series about a woman who's just escaped an underground apocalypse cult and is introduced to modern day city life in New York. With the help of a struggling gay actor, Titus Andromedon, sarcastic landlady Lillian Kaushtupper, and socialite Jacqueline Vorhees, she begins to create a new life for herself. There are several different types of characters that cross Kimmy's path due to enhancing the fact that she is now within a shockingly new era. The show is considered "the first great sitcom of the streaming era"; Ellie Kemper does a marvelous job at playing a blissfully innocent young woman exploring the new capacities this life now has to offer her.


Broad City

Broad City is an absolute personal favorite of mine and is the only show on this list not streamed on Netflix, but is streamed on Hulu. This show is about two best friends played by Jewish American comedians Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, portraying themselves as two broke yet wild girls attempting to live their best lives in the city of New York. Now, neither of these women are considered extraordinarily beautiful in terms of society's beauty standards, but they both possess an admirably large amount of self confidence that often brings them into new adventures and schemes. These girls are basically shameless in every aspect of their life, especially when it comes to sex and smoking pot; yet their experiences are hysterical and very fun to watch.


I Feel Pretty

Okay, so I Feel Pretty is not actually a series, but I had to include it on the list because it's one of the best body positive/self acceptance films for women on Netflix (in my opinion of course). The film is about a woman who struggles with her self esteem hits her head and suddenly believes she's become more beautiful, causing her to act with a lot more confidence. Amy Schumer is absolutely hilarious in her extravagant, newfound personality, especially in a scene where she participates in a bikini contest. The film addresses multiple different types of insecurities that women have, including ones of slim supermodels like Emily Ratajkowski. Schumer conveys a heartwarming message about how women must accept themselves for who they are and to embrace their quirks.

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Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen is an inspiring documentary about drag queen, Alyssa Edwards, who is a hard working "performer, choreographer, and businessperson." Alyssa is actually a past contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race and has had an astounding amount of success ever since. The documentary captures her as Alyssa Edwards and Justin Dwayne Lee Johnson, juggling multiple different responsibilities and events. Alyssa's personality is wildly entertaining to keep up with and seems to have a tremendous effect on his students' growth as mini queens.


Orange is the New Black

Lastly, we of course have Orange is the New Black. This Netflix series is undoubtedly one of the most diverse TV shows for women, portraying a wide range of different types of women who are all given very unique personalities and individual backgrounds. The show offers a variety of diverse identities not only within the prisoner group but within the prison staff as well. It addresses problematic treatment of prisoners, mental illnesses, racial issues, motherhood, and many other issues. The show is already wildly popular and is reportedly coming out with its last season soon.

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