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Going to the beach anytime soon? You don’t have to give up your style when you do. Below I’ve listed a few items that you might want to add to your beach list and a few accessories that may just become an everyday staple (like the foulard or the beach tint). But our fashion is not only about our clothes, it also extends to devices like our phones, and what we carry them in. Take a look and hopefully you’ll find something funky you can’t live without! 

Foulard (left) Marina Rinaldi Foulard: ~75 euros, (right) Forever 21 foulard : $8

Why this: Unique and Classy style.

A foulard is a lightweight fabric made of silk or a mix of silk and cotton and usually has a printed design. In women’s fashion this is also those light weight printed scarfs that double as neckties.  These are great for the beach because not only are they light weight and summer pretty, but they are super versatile.  You can wear them as a necktie to make a fashion statement (try to match it with the print or color of your swim suit), or you can use them as a pretty hair wrap (think head band). Best of all though, you can simply lay it atop the head and tie it under the neck to shield fly-away hairs from the sea breeze. Think Audrey Hepburn:  Classy and timeless. 

Sombrilla Hollie & Harry: $150-$198

Why this: Atypical shape providing more shade than normal.

The sombrilla is a fun alternative to the usual beach umbrella. It’s not the pattern that makes it funky, but its shape and features. Rather than your typical round umbrella sticking out of the sand, the sombrilla is rectangular in shape, can be adjusted to the angle of the sun, and ends up providing more shade than your typical umbrella.  It was designed by a duo based out of Australia and comes in three different designs. Check it out!

Becca Beach Tint: ~$40

Why this: Allows you to keep your lip color or cheek stain even when swimming.

o when you hang out at the beach all day, the natural look is an obvious beautiful: no make-up, free-flowing hair. But a little lip color (and sometimes cheek stain) goes a long way! If you plan on swimming, lip color seems a little pointless right? Not if you get a water-resistant one. Brands like Becca Beach Tint have a variety of pink and purple shades that glow gorgeous under the sun, and they are oil and water-resistant and streak-free.  You can find it online on different sites or at the local Sephora or Ulta. It has pretty good reviews online on Amazon, Birchbox and Space NK. 

Waterproof Watch

Why this: Fashionable and waterproof…doesn’t happen often.

Watches are really fashionable but we don’t usually think about using them much at the beach. That’s because if you think about swimming with a watch on, you also think about how your watch won’t work once you are done swimming. A common misconception is that if you have a watch that is waterproof, it’s probably not very fashionable. But I found quite a few very sleek and stylish watches that are also waterproof, proving this idea to be total myth.  A perfect example is the Ice Watch: it comes in a ton of bright colors from turquoise to hot pink, red and green, and even has kid versions. The plus, it’s not that expensive, around $65 dollars, or on sale for about $33. If you still want fancier (and pricier), try the Michael Kors Parker Choronograph. Both have water resistancy of about 100 meters, which means they are suitable for swimming and shallow diving.

Sunny Life Beach Radio $29.95

Why this: Keeps your device safe while blasting your personal jams!

his little gem of a radio is perfect for the beach or anywhere there is going to be sand and water in abundance.  It’s small and easily portable, with a sleek retro design that can be carried around like an old tin lunchbox.  What’s so great besides all that? You put your iPhone, iPod or other mp3 inside the radio so that your digital devices won’t get all sandy or wet, and the radio is waterproof! I found it on the Anthropologie website, but it looks like its floating around on other places on the web and maybe even in stores like Urban Outfitters. 

Beach Bag

Why this: Necessary and stylish.

As we all know, a must-have for the beach is a beach bag! This is a bit of a toughie for the blogger picking out the perfect bag for all you sun-loving fashionable beach go-ers out there. Maybe you like neutral colored bags with practical features—I’d recommend searching “tip-proof” bags, big and sturdy on the sand. Maybe you’ve got lots of kids and want easy to manage—then there is the “mom-invented” Bogg Bag. It’s not my pick, it reminds me a little bit of Croc sandals, but it does look easy to manage. Here, I am going to present a bag that wins for its funky prints and fun style. I present to you Mara Hoffman beach bags, lots of color, and lots of fun designs. 

Other World Uluwatu Coastline Kimono  $179.00

Why this: Beautiful and functions as both beautiful coverup and scarf to protect from the breeze.

Not only are kimonos popular right now to sport as a cardigan with your everyday outfits, but they are perfect to layer over your swimsuit at the beach for a nice airy free-flowing look. The longer ones keep a classy feel to walk around in while still giving a little bit of cover-up sans a full layer of clothes.  Better yet, the sheer ones still leave some room for a tan! You can find plenty of long, sheer kimonos in store at Forever 21, but featured here is an online exclusive.  It’s an asymmetrical airy design featuring a digital image of a Bali coastline—gorgeous! Extra freebie: it can also double as a scarf if the beach breeze starts to pick up in the evening.

Giant Inflatable Flamingo

Why this:  Just look at it!

know the sound of the waves along the shoreline is relaxing, but the waves are even more relaxing if you are floating on them. This giant flamingo inflatable is perfect for just that, plus it’s a fun way to show off your personality. This one can be found on amazon here, but you may also find some other creatures out there if do some extra research. I think there is a sea turtle inflatable floating around somewhere…

Lady Gaga-designed Polaroid Camera Sunglasses

Why this? Unique, totally unique, and Gaga-grandeur.

f we are talking about the fashion statement world, who can forget Lady Gaga? From the famous meat dress she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards to her cigarette sunglasses…she’s now designed a pair Gaga-glasses for you. The sunglasses have a camera built-in, kind of like Google Glass, but where they differ is in the lens. The lens have a pair of LCDs inside for image playback. Your sunglasses show others the image you’ve taken, even if it’s just an HD reflection of the beautiful skyline at the horizon. Either way, these are pretty rad. 

SafeWays Waterproof Seal Case

Why this? Underwater photos and text-friendly 

Can’t resist not taking your phone on the beach with you, but worry about it getting wet or sandy? This case is one storage method that keeps your phone safe, while still allowing you to have it on the beach with you to use whenever you need. I’ve seen a lot of these online, some being not that ascetically pleasing, but this one is surprisingly subtle and sleek. Don’t be fooled, this case isn’t only for protection. You can use the phone while it is in the case too! The windows of the case are touch screen friendly and eliminate extra glare from the sun, meaning you can do any texting while it’s in there. What else does that mean? You can take the phone underwater for pictures too, and that’s awesome! The size is compatible with every smartphone, and even includes an extra pouch for keys and credit cards. Our very own Velvet d’Amour has one and she loves it!


Chloë Ilene is a current student of Anthropology and French, with a minor in Dance.  Dance and choreography are her passion, writing is her biggest hobby, and traveling and experiences other cultures first hand is a must-do in life. She is very interested in issues of identity and self-perception, in particular those of women, and strives to promote positive ideas of self and the construction of new narratives in society that will challenge and change current ideologies.







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