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Blogger Angelina Moles is one stunning woman. The gorgeous long hair, the ample curves, and her daring fashion give this woman a stunning look.  Even better is how her confidence radiates whether she’s wearing a crop top and jeans or a sexy dress. Anyone can see Angelina loves her body and honestly feels comfortable in it. This is saying a lot for a 21 year old who has been through major health scares, changing her body and mind drastically. I got a chance to ask Angelina a few questions about herself and the skin she lives in.

You used the term survivor on your blog, but I’m not aware of what you’ve been through. Can you give me some background on your health/body?

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) at age 17 in 2011. It changed my life instantly. I now had the answer for why I felt like crud every time I had my period, and every time my period wasn't present. But it also worried me. They told me that it would be difficult for me to have children when I was ready to have kids. That broke my heart. But I'll have to deal with that when it comes my way.

In August of 2014 I was hospitalized with multiple blood clots in both of lungs, something so severe that 90% of the time these blood clots are found on autopsies. I spent a week in the hospital getting blood thinning shots and an IV drip with heparin, another blood thinning medication to stop clots from forming elsewhere. After assessing my condition and risk factors, the doctors came to a conclusion that my birth control along with a long road trip caused the blood clots in my pelvic region and then detached, and moved to my lungs. I spent the next six months of my life on warfarin, a blood thinning medication that is literally rat poison, and living in fear. I visited multiple doctors and specialists who all seemed to not know how to treat me because I was so young. I am lucky to be here and lucky to share my story with other women. I am a huge advocate of birth control, I was mainly taking it to help control my PCOS, but I also want women to educate themselves on how to be healthy and smart while on it. 

You are only 21, very young, so have you always been confident in your body?

Definitely not. All my life I have been the tallest and biggest kid in my class, starting in pre-school. I wasn't aware of my weight until kids began teasing me in third grade, but I didn't let it being me down until seventh grade. It was the hardest year of my life. I thought about self-harming myself and I also developed a mild eating disorder where I would eat one can of green beans and a piece of toast everyday. I snapped out of that quickly because as a softball player, I needed calories. throughout high school I was friends with every student, mind you I went to a very small school, but everyone loved me for my wild sense of humor and my "fake" confidence. I still hated myself when I'd come home and hide behind doors, but everyone else thought I was so happy. My real confidence came about in college. I realized that this body has been for me even when I treated it poorly, why don't I love it? So I made it a point to wake up and push the negative thoughts aside and realize that I am the best version of me, because there are no other versions. 

Tell me more about your stretch marks/scars? Putting them out for anyone to see is very brave. You are setting an exceptional example to others your age and younger.

My stretch marks have been around for as long as I can remember. Some are faded and you can see them faintly but I've gathered new ones. Those new ones made me ashamed of my body and it made me mad that I was letting them control my happiness. I have dark pink ones around my breasts, down my sides, and all over my belly. Do they bother me? I would be lying if I said no, but do they stop me from loving myself? HELL NO. Everyone, every single human, has stretch marks. Stretch marks come around from growth spurts, getting taller, gaining weight, losing weight, and sometimes from the medicines you are taking. But they do not make you ugly, they tell a story, so why should we hide them? I wear crop tops and two piece bikinis because I am allowed to wear whatever I want and showcase societies idea of imperfection. Stretch marks are always going to be there, but inside of trying to make them go away or letting them control what you wear, embrace them. Tell your story.

What do you hope to achieve by being open about your stretch marks and not hiding them?

Freedom. Freedom from beauty ideals. Freedom from hiding my skin. I see smaller women in their bikinis, showing off their tummies and they look so free and open, so why can't I have that? It is not a law that bearing stretch marks will lead to a felony. I want women to know that there are other women struggling with stretch marks. And men too. My boyfriend has them and he makes me feel comfortable with my new ones. Who made stretch marks such a hated thing? I'd like to meet that person and make them kiss every one of my stretch marks.

Do you feel if you were thinner that people would still look at your stretch marks/scars?

It's a sad thing to say, but I think if I were thinner people wouldn't assume so much about my stretch marks. There's this misconception that fat women have stretch marks because we overeat, we sit all day, and we are the epitome of one of the deadly sins, gluttony. And if some of us are, who cares? But why are some people, and even our own selves, so quick to judge? We all need to get over the stigma placed on stretch marks and every other type of scar. Our skin is a canvas. Every canvas is different and covered with different things. That is our individuality, our uniqueness, our beauty. 

To see more of Angelina check out her blog at Keepthecurves.weebly.com as well as her instagram @angelina_maryann !

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