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Curvy Couture Inc. is a company that focuses on creating a positive environment for plus size designers and businesses. One way they do this is through the Curvy Couture Runway show. This show is part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. During this runway show plus size designers showcase their new looks for the season. Below is an interview with Erin Cox, one of the Team Members of the company.

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   Photos by: Damien Bredburg

Photos by: Damien Bredburg

The Curvy Couture Runway was created in 2013 and already has spread, how do you hope for the company to continue to grow?

Each of us involved in the committee are so pleased that Curvy Couture has grown and to date been so well received. As each member shares a vision of providing visibility for plus size fashion we aim to continue to create events to do just this, promoting the diversity of Australian plus size fashion in ways which are accessible to all women.

What is the biggest focus of the company? What do you want people to gain from the events you put on?

The main aim of Curvy Couture Inc. has always been to promote inclusivity, diversity and body positivity in a creative and welcoming space, open to all women. We hope that all involved in the show, whether as a model or audience member feel empowered; empowered to make choices for themselves when it comes to fashion. The 2014 premier event was a huge success. Women in the audience cheered and cried with joy at finally seeing a representation of their self on the catwalk.

An understanding of the importance of supporting and uplifting each other through positive representation in fashion and the media is what drives this event, second only to a deep, personal love of fashion and the desire to expose the public to and promote amazing local designers.

What is your part of working for the company? To go from that what is you favorite part of the Runway show.

Curvy Couture Inc is a not for profit group which consists of 5 core committee members, each playing an integral role in the events. The Curvy Couture Inc. Committee members include Kate Millett, Teresa Raso, Karyn Cloonan, Jessica West and myself Erin Cox. Each have individual strengths which combine to create an awesome team. All members are involved in all of the processes, decisions and actions. It is full on and very rewarding.

My favourite part of the runway show are the models. Spending time with strong, powerful confident women from our community during the intense runway model training program has been such a privilege. Seeing how the process positively impacts them as individuals is very rewarding.

There is a lot that goes into making Runway shows happen and designers are a big part of that, how does the company go about choosing what designers to use in the show?

Curvy Couture Inc. has a strong focus on emerging designers. We aim to collect a diverse range of designers to highlight the abundance of choice the Australian plus size fashion scene has to offer no matter age group or style.

In the shows you guys use both models and local women, how can just a local woman become part of the show? 

In the lead up to the events, usually several months in advance we have an open audition where we invite anyone who is interested to come along, strut there stuff and show us what they've got.

The Australian Plus Size fashion world seems to have a lot of up and coming designers seen on the Runway this year, what was one of your favorite trends that you saw?

This year, I found the diversity of style, colour and cut most exciting. The abundance of styles available made it evident that plus size fashion no longer exists in the cover up and flatter paradigm. Wear colour, wear tailored, wear crops, wear sequins, wear sheer, wear what ever tickles your fancy, was the take away message for me.

What drew you to working at the Curvy Couture company?

So many things. In my day to day I work individually as a sole trader, working in the team has been great respite. I have really enjoyed getting to know the other women in the team, they are courageous women and a lot of fun. Too the radical nature of demanding space for plus size fashion on an international stage is a worthwhile and rewarding goal.

Curvy Couture is a great company that really focuses on creating body positive images. What do you think is the most important thing for women to understand about body image?

Having a body positive image is your own personal business. It is up to each individual to create their own positive dialogue, no one can do it for you. In addition it is also everyone's responsibility to help create a society where positive body image rules. Small actions can make a big difference to oneself and others, compliment yourself and other women as often as you can.

CLAIRE BRIGHT is a current student at the University of Arizona. She is studying Retail and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Art History and eventually hopes to eventually pursue working as a costume designer for films. Since she was little she has always loved fashion, art, and anyway to express creativity. She has always believed in being true to yourself, and not letting other people's opinions have an effect on you. Claire is a huge fan of any kind of cute animal videos, flannels, and going to the beach as much as possible.





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