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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. No matter how you’re spending your Valentine's Day, here are twenty five fun gifts that will work for anyone, even yourself, because who doesn’t love giving themselves a few gifts from time to time.

1)  Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion. There is no better way to spend any day than reading a good book. Why not grab this one by Virgie Tovar in which she discusses everything from sex to being proud of your body.

2)  Sex Position Coloring Book: Playtime for Couples: if you are looking to get a little more creative and adventurous try out this flirty coloring book that turns an old childish memory into a kinky new adventure. 

3) Mr. Potato Head Sweetheart Spud Valentine's Day Toy: a fun new toy is always a great gift and a Mr. Potato Head never seems to get old. Have a fun time decorating him as a cute cupid to celebrate the holiday. 

4)  Scrabble Chocolate Edition: This fun game makes a game even more exciting with the rewards of chocolate after every turn.

5)  Everyone Loves a Fat Girl Earrings: These cute earrings are a perfect gift and are just trying to speak the truth to the rest of the world.

6) I love books hand painted wooden earrings: These cute earrings will make a perfect gift for any bookworm. Why not cuddle up with a good book and some cute earrings that match the mood.

7)  Faux Wool Fabric in Red Autumn Fall Winter: This cute red beret will make any girl feel like she is getting ready to take a trip to France no matter where she is going. Show off this beret wherever you go on Valentine's Day.

8)  Wick Vegan Soy Candle: This cute candle is a perfect gift for anyone and its funny sayings on the side are a great way to make anyone laugh.

9)  Hearts Mask in Red Leather Valentine: This cute heart mask is perfect for any Valentine's themed party. Show off your cute sassy side with this mask.

10)  I Love You More Than Tempeh Bacon: This cute pin, button, and magnet are the perfect gift for any vegan or vegetarian. It is small, and a great way to show your love.

11) This Skin Care Gift Box: is a perfect gift for any man in your life. Who doesn't love a man that smells good? And it is all vegan.

12) Candy Conversation Heart Soap: These cute soap hearts are a perfect way to decorate for Valentine's Day. These soaps can go anywhere from your bathroom to the kitchen and will be sure to make anyone smile.


13)  Valentine's Day Paddle Ball: This game for children never really gets old. You can show off your skills with this cute game.

14)  Red Heart Valentine Tutu: This cute tutu is a great way to show off your girly side. You and your friends can all get one and show off just how good the color red looks on you.

15)  Cats are My Boyfriend Sweatshirt: This off the shoulder-oversized sweatshirt is a great way to cuddle up on Valentine's Day. Who doesn't love cats and oversized sweatshirts?

16)  Cupid's My Homie Sweatshirt: There is truly no one better to call your homie than the one and only Cupid and this hot pink oversized sweatshirt is a great way to show the love towards him or any of your friends.

17) Valentine's Day Shirt, This Girl Loves Her Girlfriend: Valentine's Day is all about love and that means for everyone. This shirt is a great way to show pride in who you love no matter who it is.

18)  Mermaid Jewelry: Mermaids are magical, beautiful, and basically the ultimate femme fatale you either want to be one or date one there isn’t really any way to deny that. 

19) Love no Gender Greeting Card: What a better way to describe Valentine's Day then a card that points out what love really is all about. This card is a great way to spread the love. 

20)  Love Songs Record Clock: This adorable clock is a great way to add a vintage touch to your home, as well as show a little love to some of the classic love songs.

21)  Pink Typewriter: This vintage pink typewriter is a great gift for any lover of writing and vintage.

22) Heart Shaped Rain Umbrella: Just in case there is a little rain on Valentine's Day here is a perfect umbrella to go with the loving theme.

23) Anatomical Heart Ring: This anatomical heart ring is a great little gift to really show that you are giving your heart. Anyone will love it even yourself... because who doesn't love buying themselves gifts.

24)  Personalized Jewelry Drawing Photo Ring: This ring is a great way to show off how cute the drawings of a child, you, or anyone really are. What a great way to have a cute new accessory as well as a great way to show off artwork.

25) Along Came Love Wall Plaque: This upcycled wall plaque is a unique item to hang in your own home or as a gift for someone else's home. Either way we can go back to our childhood of loving Barbie.

CLAIRE BRIGHT is a current student at the University of Arizona. She is studying Retail and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Art History and eventually hopes to eventually pursue working as a costume designer for films. Since she was little she has always loved fashion, art, and anyway to express creativity. She has always believed in being true to yourself, and not letting other people's opinions have an effect on you. Claire is a huge fan of any kind of cute animal videos, flannels, and going to the beach as much as possible.





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