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During the week I had the honour of getting to know and interview Marycry, I absolutely loved it she is one amazing and inspiring woman, her art is magical. I hope you enjoy our interview check it out below and thank you Marycry for taking the time to chat with me... Bessie 

Who is Marycry and what has been your journey to this point?

I have been drawing since kindergarten, I have attended the Art School and Italian  School comix, following the courses of comics and animation, during school I have worked with the cultural association Neapolitan "SPES", publishing panels of a satirical newspaper of the district. Since 2004 I have worked with various agencies advertising graphics, then as an illustrator of children's books. In 2006 I enter the world of animation with collaborations with some Italian animation studios: the "Gruppo Alcuni” Digital Video and Music Cartoon. In 2010 I began my work as a color comics for the French market, by publishing "Hot Charlotte" published by Glénat (with drawings by Vincenzo Cucca and screenplay Ennio Ecuba / Vincenzo Lauria), then, "lulu and Fred" Volume 1 2 (published by Le Lombard with screenplay by Jean Jacques Thibaud and Nicolas Robin and drawings Cècile Brosseau), "Poil de Carotte" (published by Glénat Vents d'ouest, with drawings Cècile Brosseau and screenplay by Lemoine), "Jacquette The croquant  "(published by Glénat Vents d'ouest, with drawings Cècile Brosseau and screenplay by Lemoine). For the Belgian market, I have colored  the strips "Anne" drawed  by v.cucca and serialized in the journal "Menzo". For the Italian market those the book "The Case Orion: the key Zaphura" (published by "Informofart" with drawings by Davide Tinto and screenplay by Francesca Carotenuto). 

Later I start collaborations with the American comic coloring 2 volumes of "Shadow Children" and the cover of the same, (published by Red Giant Entertainment and drawed by Vincenzo Cucca), two volumes of "Bitter Dream" and several covers (published by " Inter Web Comics "and designed by v.Cucca). For the Upper Deck, I those the Marvel card designed by Marco Santucci and Aliens cards disegned by Vincenzo Cucca. From 2013 I collaborate with various artists of the field of music and entertainment; I realize a series of panels to “l’Edicola Fiore “ program was originally presented on twitter from a famous Italian showman: Rosario Fiorello, they published on its official website  in the section devoted to me "cristina comix".

I design the cover for  the CD a couple of Italian singers "The Vianella". I realised the cover for a DVD documentary on the disco 80's "DJ N-Joy's Clubbing & Music Culture" for Leo N-Joy Star author of "pump it up" and create two covers for the CD of the pianist and
composer A .Aponte and various illustrations for their site.

What's your passion behind your art?

Behind my art, there is the desire  to express the idea of looking at the world from different points of view, then flip each concept prebuilt and imposed by society, come out from the prejudices and canons, to think that there is an absolute truth but many, describing life as a cube with many facets, which change endlessly. For this I like to draw the pin up sexy fat, are a symbol, because they represent a reversal of the concept of beauty, a kind of provocation, does not exist the objective  beauty so there is a choice then of freedom.

Around what age did you discover your ability and talent, what was your first piece and the story behind it?

Always, ever since I was a child, aged 4 years or so, since I have been able to keep up a pencil, I discovered my passion, not my talent, and this prompted me to study art and improve day after day, even now! my first draw? To the kindergarten, for fun, then there was a long apprenticeship where the drawings that I realized I had ordered, so there is little personal expression, only in my last illustrations I can say that I give part of me!

What type of artist are you?

Illustrator, I like to draw in cartoon style!

What mediums do you like to use and why?

I use the micromine 2b, for the design and use Photoshop for colouring, often I use Photoshop to create the entire drawing from the drawing to colour and about color manual, I use watercolour.

What's your artistic philosophy? 

Express their creativity, draw what's on your mind free from any constraint dictated by the laws of the market, without being forced by the needs or tastes of others, but always giving the same importance to rendering graphics and concept, not I love art conceptual or abstract art for me must also be pleasing to the eye not only of interpretation, and understandable for all, it is a means of communication must be the direct. this is not always possible, if you commission a plan and you have to work for an editor you have to submit to their demands, then the maximum creative when you express the idea starts with you not only the graphic, but your concept, idea , you want to make visible on paper or video!

What is your motivation when in your artistic mode?

I listen to various genres of music, from jazz to pop to swing, I listen to a different kind of music depending on what I have to draw, for example, when I had to draw illustrations for the site of a pianist, I listened to classical music, I listened to music dance when I made the cover for a film about disco music, 80s .The same thing for movies, I watch a particular movie, which for its colors and atmospheres it may be useful for my job in that time. The place that inspires me the most is certainly the sea, it relaxes me and makes me get creative.

Can you share a favourite story having to do with your work?

Three years ago, I create a Facebook page and a blog, in it, I I published drawings and comics panels dedicated to Fiorello, Italian one man show, my idol in show business, a 'whole idea started by me, to make stories designs and colors, then by the time fiorello became aware of these comics and after a while 'gave me the wonderful opportunity to publish this comics directly on his official website ...

Where can we see more of Marycry?

My art page on Facebook, my personal website, and on my gallery on Deviantart.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working as a colorist for the Upper Deck for collection cards of Marvel characters and movies characters.

Hobbies outside of art?

I really like to cook, create new recipes, and cycling.

What's your favourite :

COLOUR : Pink-fuchsia but also all the warm colours, in general I love the colours.
LOCATION : I love the sea, but I love to travel so always explore new places. 
SEASON : Spring.
PETS : Horse .. maybe winged!
MOVIE : I love movies of tim burton and the classic animated Disney and
comedies of  edoardo de filippo.
FOOD : Pasta and chocolate!

Who is your inspiration?

I do not have a single source of inspiration, all that is beautiful and makes me thrill.

How long can it take to finish a piece of your art?

It depends on the complexity of the work, the style, the amount of details, from one day to one week.

Can you share some of your work? What is the story behind it?

"Fat Red Riding Hood" : in this design, I wanted to turn the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, because in life, roles can always tip over, and situations can change accordingly.

"Sexy Woman fat" and "Fat and Fast Sketch" : I wanted to represent the pin up different from the stereotypes imposed by society, but making them equally sexy and provocative, and showing that you can be beautiful too out of the norm.

"Angry Chant of Pulcinella": it is the song of rage and pain of pulcinella (a Neapolitan mask of comedy art.) He is the spirit of the Neapolitan people, who love their city, but at the same time it suffers from its decadence

BESSIE is a plus size girl living in Melbourne Australia, she's been on a self-love journey over the years, and believes that people are beautiful no matter what size they are. A Vintage Rock Chick, she loves Rock & Roll fashion with a twist, is addicted to doing her hair, dressing up, and taking selfies. She loves writing, telling stories, hearing journeys, and people watching with her husband over hot chocolate.





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