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If you Look Good, You Feel Good. We could all do with pampering and feeling blissfully glamourous. It is so easy to get caught up with our busy lives and forget to take care of ourselves and feel good. We deserve days to get away from feeling overwhelmed with obligations and responsibilities. To find a salon that caters to women of all sizes, namely plus size women is a dime in a dozen! This week I have had the opportunity to interview Jamie Lopez, owner and CEO of Babydoll Beauty Couture and Babydoll Couture Designs that caters to big beautiful women.

What is Babydoll Beauty Couture? And how did it get started?

Babydoll Beauty Couture is the world’s first plus size salon. We cater to all women and for our BBW /SSBBW clients we offer chairs that hold up to 800 pounds, waxing beds that hold up to 600 pounds, spray tan tents that are large and roomy for custom spray tans. You name it we do it. I came up with the idea for a plus size friendly salon because as a 450 pound woman I would often get discriminated against in upscale salons and I was very uncomfortable with the looks and stares that I got. I also broke a chair at the old salon I used to go to and it was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I told myself one day that enough is enough. I am a professional make-up artist and beauty is what I am most passionate about, so I decided to follow my dreams. I buckled down and worked extremely hard for three years, saved enough money and opened my first business. I could not be prouder of myself because I did it all on my own. I have been running Babydoll Beauty Couture since 2012.

My father recently died of cancer and my mother abandoned me as a child. I am the oldest of four siblings with a big age gap - I am 30 years old while my siblings are aged 23, 22 and 19. They look up to me since I lead by example to show them that I will not be stopped by my weight - I will embrace it and love myself.

You have a clothing line called Babydoll Couture. What inspired you to create it?

I was inspired to create an upscale high end couture line for the plus size woman with sizes up to 36 because I got tired of not being able to access sexy fashionable clothing in my size. So I started sketching my own designs and bringing my vision to life. I recently tapped into swimwear and lingerie as well. I feel that as a plus size woman you still deserve to be sexy, beautiful and glamorous no matter what. Nothing feels better than when you break down these barriers. Confidence is key! The line can be viewed at www.babydollbeautycouture.com . The fashion show that I put on for breast cancer awareness is also on my website.

I noticed that you call your company BBW friendly with the slogan "we are the culture". What does that mean and what does the term BBW personally mean to you?

Yes ! My company is BBW friendly and we accommodate to the plus size woman. Every chair in my waiting area is custom-made and holds up to 800 pounds so women can feel comfortable and confident because I know personally being a plus size woman can be difficult fitting in certain chairs. I just wanted to create a comfortable and glamorous setting for plus size women to feel beautiful, confident and accommodated.  The term BBW to me means big beautiful woman whose confidence screams through her attitude and aura. My slogan #bbwswearetheculture simply means we are equal to any woman, we will be recognized and we will break down size discrimination, plus size barriers. Because we are worth it!

What do you enjoy most about working with patrons of the salon?

I enjoy making my customers feel beautiful and glamorous because they deserve it. When they are happy, it feels good knowing that my hard work is being appreciated. 

How do you think a woman can learn to pamper herself on a regular basis?

I feel a woman can learn to pamper herself on a regular basis when she reminds herself that she is beautiful and deserves it . Learn to love yourself and know that you are worth it!   

AARTI OLIVIA is a South Asian plus size fashion blogger, body positive advocate and feminist. She surrounds herself with her brood of 3 dogs and 2 cats, good books and coffee





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