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Women Are Back, the new project by Marina Rinaldi

Women Are Back, the new project by Marina Rinaldi

by Italian correspondent Barbara Christmann

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Marina Rinaldi, the Italian plus-size fashion brand that sells all over the world since the early 80, chose a new communication strategy. Instead of using curvy models the company invited 12 famous curvy bloggers from all over the world to be the new testimonials for Marina Rinaldi.

The first meeting took place last July in Milan to check the new Autumn Winter collection and every girl could choose the outfits she liked to present herself. They are all different kinds of women with different shapes, but all have in common a positive energy and the wish to help other women to feel comfortable in their bodies. Last September the project "women are back" was presented to the international press during the Milan Fashion Week. Like at home, in a relaxed atmosphere the 12 wonderful bloggers presented the collection and it was a pleasure to talk to these positive and real creatures. Black and white photos showed how beautiful 
and interesting they are.

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Georgina Horne - Fuller Figure Fuller Bust (UK ), Gabi Gregg - GABIFRESH (USA ), Tanesha Awasthi - Girl with Curves (USA ), Roberta Scagnolari - Robyberta Smilemaker (IT), Iris Tinunin- Stylosophique (IT), Stephanie Zwicky- Le blog de BigBeauty (FR), Edith Dohmen - Style has No Size (NL) , Ditte Valle - Marilyns Closet (DK), Maire Denee - The Curvy Fashionista (USA), Shila Kreuzer - S.A.F. Photography (CH), Katya Zharkova - Katya Zharkova (Russia), Melike Garpatan - Dolabimiseviyorum Blog (Turkey).

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Every blogger has her own personal story and style with many followers and is now the new model for Marina Rinaldi. It is a very modern and intelligent way to communicate, that curvy fashion fits all showing it on real girls. All women want to be fashionable and beautiful, no matter what size they are. The fashion industry and media are not taking in consideration the existence of so many women all over the world. Some of these bloggers can live with their blog, but the most part of them has another job. The important message of this campaign is that beauty and fashion are not depending on sizes, but on the way you feel with your outfit .You can see the result in these amazing pictures. Marina Rinaldi has shops all over the world so it is easy to communicate directly to women by shop events meeting the testimonial of every Country. 

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