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Kurvenrausch Plus Size Fashion Show – Event Review by Lyz Lupo

Kurvenrausch Plus Size Fashion Show – Event Review by Lyz Lupo

I had the honour to attend the Kurvenrausch Plus Size Fashion Show by Tanja Marfo from Hamburg. It was the first fashion show who only presented plus size fashion labels in Germany. Little did I know about how exciting it will be to attend this show. I arrived in Hamburg on Saturday afternoon September 14, 2013. At about 5pm I arrived at the Mozart halls in Hamburg. I never saw so many elegant plus women at one place before. I was even overwhelmed first. The event was well organised and very soon everyone found their seats inside.

The Mozart halls are so beautiful with their classic look:


I was very happy to have on my left Velvet D’Amour and on my right german blogger suzieknows.eu – Two amazing women next to me.

The Kurvenrausch Fashion Show was inspired by the Full Figured Fashion Show in New York. Tanja attented the FFFW this year and was amazed by the idea of presenting different plus size fashion labels on one event. During her trip she also met Dunja Messner-Jourdain from Amiiee and became friends with her. Later in Germany Tanja went to the navabi plus fashion event in Berlin. It was held during the normal fashion week, but Tanja was disappointed from this event cause they only showed normal size women. Back in Hamburg Tanja decided to organise the Kurvenrausch event. She had no experience about how to do this, but she received a lot of support from the plus size community in Germany. I was just thinking this summer that we also need something like the FFFW also here for Germany. I dont have any community myself where i live. Therefore my personal wish also came true with this. I met so many new people there. One amazing plus woman after another. And I cant even wait to attend the show next year again. So, I am very proud to present you the following pictures from all designers from the show:

1. 2M http://www.2m-biginfashion.de/

Big in fashion is a family company for plus size clothing. They are from Kiel, Germany and you can order their stuff online. They offer casual and elegant fashion. I especially like the red one shoulder dress, because its cute and still elegant.

2. Junarose: http://junarose.com/

Junarose is a subsidiary company of the clothing company Bestseller based in Denmark. It is a fashion brand only for plus size women and it's meant to represent fashion and fit. The clothes I saw at the fashion show also have a casual and cool touch. Junarose makes fashion for the young and trendy plus size fashionistas worldwide, because you can only order their stuff online. Junarose has no stores, not even in Denmark.

3. Ulla Popken: http://www.ullapopken.com/

The clothing company Popken was founded by Johann Popken in the year 1880. His son Friedrich founded later with his wife Ursulla Popken the company Ulla Popken in 1968. They just did maternatiy fashion first. They got into making plus size fashion because one of their female costumers said their fashion is young and comfortable and it also works for a size 18. The rest is history already. Ulla Popken now has over 300 branches and international internet retailing.

4. King Size Queens by Tine Wittler: http://www.kingsizequeens.de/

Kingsizequeens is by German TV-Star Tine Wittler. She offers costom made dresses for plus size women and also offer other plus size designers like igigi for the german costumers in her online-shop.

5. Sheego: http://www.sheego.de/angebote/

Sheego is a subsidiary company of the well-known German clothing company OTTO which only makes plus size fashion. Like Junarose, it should attract young plus size costumers. But for the the Kurvenrausch fashion show Sheego also showed their elegant dresses including a very famous German dirndl.

6. Miss Molly Lingerie: http://www.miss-molly.com/

Miss Molly is a Hamburg based lingerie company for plus size women. They offer their lingerie online. Tanja said after the girls finished their walk that she didnt had to force them to present the clothes. I loved to see confident plus women wearing some sexy lingerie.

7. OnOz: http://www.onoz.fr/fr/

OnOz is a french plus size label who is young, trendy and elegant. You never look bad in these dresses. They make tight dresses also to emphasize the female curves and the golden belt  gives every dress the elegant touch.


Onoz propose aux femmes rondes des vêtements chics et glamour mettant en valeur leurs courbes généreuses.

Les collections Onoz, aux univers très différents, offrent des vêtements structurés et conçus pour les morphologies allant du 42 au 60 pour des silhouettes féminines et glamour!

. La collection “Glam’” mise sur des pièces féminines se portant en toute occasion et placées sous le signe de l’élégance.

. Grâce à la ligne ” Rétro”, on laisse s’exprimer la pin-up qui est en nous avec ces robes inspirées des 50’s !

.” Preppy”, c’est une ligne contemporaine à l’allure chic associant des articles aux coupes structurées et des robes à la fois travaillées et confortables.

8. Amiiee: http://www.amiiee.com/

Amiiee is a high-fashion brand for plus women created by Dunja Messer-Jourdain. Dunja is from Germany and moved to the US years ago. The look, touch and feel of fine materials such as leather, organza and silk are catalysts for the designer’s sensual imagination. Dunja Messer-Jourdain brings fresh and genuine glamour and beauty to the stage. She possesses a unique creative intuition that allows her to produce garments that accentuate, bring lightness to and indeed, even pay homage to the curves of a woman. Each piece by Amiiee is made to caress those feminine curves like the hands of a familiar lover.

I have to say that the dresses from Amiiee speak for themselves. They are made in New York, because Dunja wants to keep the control of everything. Therefore they might be more expensive, but the quality of the dress speaks for itself. I became myself a huge fan of Amiiee after the great show in Hamburg.

Special Thanks go to:

Tanja Marfo for creating this whole event,

Velvet D’Amour for allowing me to attend it for Volup2,

Dunja Messner-Jourdain and all the other designers for presenting their great clothes,

Mona Schulze from Curve Modelmanagement for that nice talk and for presenting her models on the show,

Silvana Denker for just being there and the chance to finally meet in person,

Sarah Pinabella and Elisabeth Boateng for being such nice and kind plus women, enjoyed meeting you two,

Susanne Grundlach for telling me how she never gave up her dream of having a plus magazine in Germany,

and to all the other great women and men in the audience.

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