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                                                    Here we come!!!

Over the past 6 years, VOLUP2 MAGAZINE has been at the forefront of BECOMING THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. VOLUP2 understands that visibility is important. We have actively created a space where genuine Diversity is celebrated. It has been UP TO US to make those changes. Thus, we have created VOLUP2 Magazine's first UP TO US contest...



What will you win?

One lucky applicant will win the opportunity of modeling in their own 8 page editorial which will be featured in VOLUP2 magazine, as well as shared on VOLUP2's social media network of over 1 MILLION followers! Professional hair and makeup provided, as well as posing guidance, and the editorial will be shot by VOLUP2 founder, Velvet d'Amour.

Who can enter? Do I have to be a model?

VOLUP2's main platform is genuine Diversity, thus anyone who happens to be in the UK, and can get themselves to our shoot location, at the stunning SUGNALL ESTATE in Staffordshire, England may enter.

Participants must be over 18 years of age.


There is no size, height, or gender restrictions. We find beauty in humanity, that's you!

VOLUP2 differentiates itself from typical fashion magazines in that we often include non-agency signed models, who may have not posed professionally before we have scouted them. The winner will receive posing guidance and support throughout the shoot. We want not only to make stunning images, but to create an unforgettable experience for you.

Where and when will the photo shoot take place?


The shoot will take place Sunday, April 15th in Staffordshire, England at the stunningly elegant SUGNALL ESTATE!

The winner must provide their own transportation to and from the shooting venue.


 What does it cost to enter?

It is free!



                   How do I enter?

1) Just click HERE to follow us on INSTAGRAM

2) Then post a photo of yourself which makes you feel empowered.

3) Let us know in your caption how VOLUP2 MAGAZINE has helped empower you!

4) Add the hashtag #VOLUP2us


The top 9 runners-ups will be featured on VOLUP2's social media!

Have a look through our editorials to get some #volup2US inspiration.

Thanks to all of VOLUP2 followers for your support. We are looking to give back to you and the number one question we get is -  HOW CAN I MODEL FOR VOLUP2. Therefore, we are thrilled to offer this modeling contest and at such a stunning venue as SUGNALL ESTATE. Our sincere hope is to take it to other countries around the world!!!

                 Together we will change the world.