Diverse plus size clothing has fortunately been at a rise thanks to the dedication of plus size indie designers. Their talents and vision provide the body positive community and women of all sizes, an opportunity to express themselves through fashion without having to sacrifice style or sass. You may have to shell out a little extra money, but you sure know that your hard earned money is being spent on a business that is working hard to cater to your needs. 

We all know too well the frustrating feeling of liking an item but not being able to find it in your size because of lack of size diversity. That is why supporting indie designers and your local plus size businesses are so important. It helps keep the businesses thriving, fashionistas of all shapes and sizes fashionably happy and the art of fashion alive.

Ready To Stare

Alysse Dalessandro of “Ready to Stare” is a size inclusive fashion and beauty writer, body positive advocate and a plus size blogger. She also describes herself as an “all around loud mouth” who believes in following her passion, inspiring others and loving yourself. It’s not surprising that she has designed ‘I’m Morbidly Obsessed With Myself Plus Size Tee’ to raise hell with the health trolls who tend to share their unsolicited comments about health. Her fashion designs including accessories go up to a size 5x. I have personally shopped with Alysse before for a custom-made body chain. Her customer service is absolutely superb!


Re/Dress’ is a plus size vintage and modern style fashion brand owned by Rachel Kacenjar. The brand is widely known for selling the beloved “Teggings” since 2009, which is a product that is made out of stretchy material that won’t slip or slide. The “Teggings Cage Minidress” is very supportive and hugs your curves oh so nicely. The straps also add an extra sex appeal to the dress. This curve hugging dress stretches up to a size 5x.

Flaws of Couture (FOC)

Flaws of Couture (FOC) Clothing’ was founded by Sashagai Ruddock and Garcia Lewin to eradicate the notion that plus sized women are ‘flawed’, hence their name, FOC.  Their “Pretty PERIOD.” baseball jersey is an unapologetic statement to all the beautiful women who are tired of hearing that they are “PRETTY FOR A BIG GIRL?”. The clothing line goes up to a size 3x. The best part is that the dynamic duos are from my hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

Feminine Funk 

Feminine Funk’ was born in 2011 and was founded by Nicole Grier. This funky t-shirt company makes kick ass T-shirts for women of all shapes, sizes and colors. The company was born after Nicole realized that t-shirts for women of all sizes were lacking in the fashion industry. The “I Love My Rolls” t-shirt is quirky and super dope! This tee goes up to a size 4x. 

 DIVA KURVES Collection

The Diva Kurves Collection’ is specifically designed for the full figured woman who is confident, loves fashion and looking good. The mindset is to wear their collection and walk into any room and “OWN it”! The “I'M BOSSY BODYSUIT” definitely embodies that mentality and will help bring out the boss in you no matter where you go.  ‘The Diva Kurves Collection’ offers custom made options for the majority of their items, including this bodysuit. 

MAY TOUMA is a Youth Worker who has a Bachelor of Social Work from Ryerson University in Toronto. She is a bit of a rebel who always likes to challenge the status quo.  She is passionate, boisterous and wears her heart on her sleeve. May has been blogging for the past year and loves experimenting with fashion. She recently embarked on the journey to self love and has never looked back.