As a thirty something mother I often struggle with finding the time and energy to always have my fashion up to par. I envy the women who can multi task mommy hood and still pull off heels for an entire day. Sometimes I’m lucky to just brush my hair! 

More and more big names like Tess Holliday, Denise Bidot, and Lexi Placourakis are showing you can be a mother and look fabulous. With the plus size fashion world exploding its wonderful to see these models are regular moms as well. 

1)  Natural beauty Jay Miranda is a fashion lover and full time mom. As a size 16 she looks for the best fashion forward items to add to her closet and show her blog readers. Her style covers a broad spectrum, but always has a classic clean look. “Reconciling my style with motherhood is a balancing act. It helps to plan ahead, wake up extra early, and start checking things off my list. I prefer to keep my wardrobe pared down, with fit and feel being the most important factors for deciding what I’m wearing,” Miranda said about her style. Also check out Miranda on huffingtonpost.com and latinamom.com.  She also adds writer to her long list of charming qualifications.

2)  Assa is a Mali born blogger now living in Canada who blogs about everything from her thrift store finds to high end fashion. Although lacking many plus size stores in Canada, Assa makes it her mission to still find fashions for her 18/20 figure. She showcases many feminine and flirty outfits and also post about great sales for some of her favorite plus size stores.  As a wife and mother to two little boys this momma doesn’t look a bit stressed out in her perfectly put together outfits.

3)  Tanesha Awasthi has a fabulous blog that has exploded winning her Best Fashion or Beauty Weblog in 2013 and 2014. I absolutely love how this blog is laid out. Awasthi covers full outfits, style tips, maternity wear, and full project post working with leading retail stores. She also breaks down her blog into sections that branch out of just fashion that include a shopping area, her personal posts, and a gallery of the amazing photos featured on her blog. The photography is really extraordinary and enhances this blog so much. Awasthi is one busy woman, especially since she has a handsome new little boy in her world. 

4)  Tyesha is another busy mother who shows us you can be a military wife, mother of two, and fashion forward. She says “it’s not all about size, but it is important to know your body type and shop for fashion pieces that accentuate or flatter you specifically.” I love that this blog features a Who wore it better section and a Trend of the Week area. This brings a little something different than just Tyesha’s daily fashion. You can also learn more about this Chic Mommy by reading her Skorch Magazine articles.

5)  Last but not least is the mega babe and Queen of Skorch Magazine and the new Cool Gal Blue, Jessica Kane.  If you haven’t checked out her personal blog it is a must read. To me Kane embodies everything I strive to be, a successful strong sexy female who is also the best mom and wife possible. This might not sound like a tough job but it very much is. From her fashion to her blunt personal posts I can’t get enough of Kane. I must add I especially love how she has her health stats posted on her front page right with her rules to live by. Her blog really shows you why she is a major leader in the plus size fashion world.

ASHLEE BORUFF is a mother and a wife first and foremost. Indianapolis native born and bred, Ashlee is both a part time writer and plus size model. As well as having a regular 9-5, her world revolves around her family, body confidence, travel, food, fashion, and tattoos.