What got you started into photography?

I've always been interested in photography from a really early age. It was just a hobby for me (my main job was a chemist) until I decided, just like that, that I no longer wanted to be a chemist and I wanted to do something creative! I started doing weddings and moved onto Boudoir and fashion in 2008.

Who are your favorite photographers?

I LOVE Helmut Newton and Tatiana Gerusova, Magic Owen is also a favourite of mine - her ideas are incredible!

What inspires your art?

Music videos, films, anything visual really, having a few glasses of wine always leads to some amazing ideas too!

If you didn't do photography, what would you do?

Probably still be a boring old chemist working for the man - shudder.

What are the traits you look for when casting a model?

I don't often 'cast'  - I shoot with my favorite models and then tailor the shoot around them.

What three bits of advice would you offer the budding female photographer? 

Invest in decent lenses; learn the technical details of what your camera does; practice a LOT

Your work can have a strong Hollywood 40's glam vibe, is that something innate or have you honed that?

Its something I kind of fell into actually - my first model was October Divine and she is the epitome of Hollywood Glamour! I found I loved the vintage vibes and my lighting set-up at the time was totally suited to it!

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Photoshop, particularly in the Body Positive Community. Personally, I see it as the modern day darkroom, and I believe every photographer has their own touch and it is a mark unto their own style. What do you think?

In my work I specialize in making images that are magazine-style polished - I would never submit or show images that haven't been edited in some way. I usually try and smooth out skin and refine lumps - without taking it too far with body altering. There are some amazing photographers out there who hardly touch their images in post - I'm not one of them - I enjoy the tinkering too much!!!

Burlesque is a strong element in photography these days, if you were to be able to shoot any burlesque artist who would it be and why?

I've already shot some amazing burlesque girls - Havana Hurricane and Sukki Singapora spring to mind - incredible. I've never shot any artist 'live' at a show though - I think Immodesty Blaize would be fabulous to shoot live!

We both count the luscious Georgina Horne as a muse, what qualities do you see which draw you to want to shoot her time and again?

I LOVE Georgina - her figure is incredible - she has a tiny waist with or without corsetry and she's very popular with 'normal' girls - they love her! She also has THE most adorable face and great thick hair!!

You have started your own FEMME Rebelle Magazine what drew you to take that on? How can people contribute? Model?

It's something I’ve always wanted to do - I submit all of my model shoots to publications and I was finding that some of them were really hard to place - not 'alt', not 'fashion', not 'pin-up' - my boudoir work especially, so I started my own magazine to encapsulate all styles. I don't like to define submissions too much - I love both color and black & white images which I know a lot of magazines don't accept. People can read about how to submit on the Femme Rebelle Facebook Page

Georgina has had the best things to say about working with you, as have others. It seems like a wonderful idea to set up a shoot with you, how would someone go about booking one?

First I always direct people to my website there is loads of info on there about our shoots, lots of recommendations and plenty of galleries to oggle at! Girls tend to pick a package they like and then contact me there. Most of my bookings come through my Facebook Page as there is always something crazy going on there!

What can people expect when booking a photo shoot with you? 

LOTS of fun, friendly banter and a relaxed atmosphere, oh and lots of cups of tea!!!!

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Written by Velvet d'Amour