Below are five blogs from Ireland that range from purely fashion dedicated to completely lifestyle oriented.

1)  Style Me Curvy by Louise O'Reilly is both a beauty and fashion blog. Louise is a plus size model that works with a variety of different brands from all around the world. Her blog focuses on fashion for women of every size and shape.


2)  Forever Fabulous in Bows is a blog run by a woman named Sian. While her blog focuses on lifestyle, she created it with the intention of showing that no matter what size you are, you can always be stylish. Sian loves fashion, and is a strong believer in body positivity.

3) Littlewoods Ireland is a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion for women of all shapes and sizes and also has an emphasis on beauty, gardening, and cooking. Tanya Grimson, Aileen Power, and the Saucepan Kids all contribute to the blog; Tanya writes primarily on fashion, Aileen has a hand in all the sections, and the Saucepan Kids work on creating the content for the foodie corner.

4)  Tempted is a blog that started from a clothing company based in Ireland. The owner of the store and blog is named Rosemary who created both projects as the result of her personal struggle to find clothing that worked for her. The blog discusses fashion as well as provides updates with what is happening with her company. Check out the latest video by Rosemary (which is also posted on her blog) which pays homage to the iconic wrap dress.

5)  Your Pretty Gorgeous by Charlotte Coyle is all about beauty. She is a professional makeup artist and beauty writer, and through her blog she shares all of her tips and tricks. Her blog focuses on inspiring women, and promoting body positivity.

CLAIRE BRIGHT is a current student at the University of Arizona. She is studying Retail and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Art History and eventually hopes to eventually pursue working as a costume designer for films. Since she was little she has always loved fashion, art, and anyway to express creativity. She has always believed in being true to yourself, and not letting other people's opinions have an effect on you. Claire is a huge fan of any kind of cute animal videos, flannels, and going to the beach as much as possible.