All around the world girls are blogging about plus size fashion trends, their favorite stores to shop, and just the experience of being a woman. Listed below are six plus sized blogs from Belgium.

1)  Brusselsfatshion is a blog run by a woman named Mouna from Brussels. In her blog she talks about the best places to shop all over Europe. She has everything on her blog from her own photography to being able to shop in her closet. 

2) The Plus Size Blog is run by a woman named Joanna. Her blog is available in three languages about everything from fashion and beauty to travel and DIY. Joanna focuses on different aspects of her life in her blog entitled “plus size blog about my plus size life”. 

3)  In Edith Dohmen’s blog, Style has no size, she discusses multiple different aspects of about being healthy and fashion for all women. She is a stylist from the Netherlands but commonly works in Belgium as well and was recently just discussed on a Belgium news channel. 

4) Tout Pour Le Look is a blog that offers look at fashion trends, personal shopping, and articles about different people and events. The blog is run by multiple different women that are in charge of different parts of the blog.

5)  Le Blog de Letilor focuses on different fashion trends, food, culture, and beauty. The blog is run by a woman named Letizia and her blog has been around since 2008. She talks about all different topics on her blog and even tells the stores and sizes she uses on her website. 

6)  Valerie De Pever is a lifestyle blog that is created by a woman named Valerie that created Blog To Be Alive. This is her new blog that discusses her many different passions. On the blog she discusses different issues with clothing for plus sizes.

CLAIRE BRIGHT is a current student at the University of Arizona. She is studying Retail and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Art History and eventually hopes to eventually pursue working as a costume designer for films. Since she was little she has always loved fashion, art, and anyway to express creativity. She has always believed in being true to yourself, and not letting other people's opinions have an effect on you. Claire is a huge fan of any kind of cute animal videos, flannels, and going to the beach as much as possible.