How does it feel to have this complete, you're you're building yourself as an androgynous model but you identify as female. Yeah, how do you think that is, is there a market for that?

You know there really is, what's happening in the world is that we're recognizing that there aren't just female and male binaries, where female has to mean being feminine or male has to mean being masculine. You know there's always been butch women but the visibility hasn't been there until Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, where all of a sudden people are able to see all over the world there are people like them and a part of me of why I went into androgynous modeling is that I want to be the person that I wish I had when I was younger, to look up to. And for me I'm very proud as a butch woman and it works for me. It's been tough growing up you know where I knew I was a woman, I was fine with my body parts, but I never fit in. You know I didn't want to be in the men's restroom but I also felt like an alien in the women's restroom you know and it's hard you feel like where am I? So, androgynous modeling brings a place for us to have and you know and I hope in one day that you go to like regular Macy's where there is a non-gender clothing section where you don't have to feel weird.