British Plus Size Fashion Weekend 2014

by Nora Hazel


The inaugural event was such a success, how do you plan on making next year's event even better? 

Last year we worked really hard to have the event take place, and now it’s about making sure that each plus-size woman that attends has the best possible experience that a plus-size event has to offer. We are based in such an iconic location, and we hope to draw from the best things that London has to offer, via showing that what we do is not a fad, but an event to take seriously in the world of fashion.

What did you learn from the collective reactions of the inaugural BPSFW?

We believe there is always room for improvements and take on all comments, good or bad, to make sure we are offering a service that consumers deem important and are still excited about. 

 Are the reactions from the 2013 show going to encourage any changes, radical or otherwise, for the 2014 event?

The event will be bigger and better this year as we have looked into a variation of changes, such as, 4 fashion shows, which is a major change from the last year’s event. Also, we have removed the classes this year, and will concentrate more on discussing important issues affecting the plus-size industry as a whole. 

With such far-reaching influences from such a trailblazing endeavor, do you plan on having a broader scope of press for the 2014 show?

We plan to make a greater use of social media this year as we feel this is an avenue to push our event to the top, and take us to the next level. Social media is one of the fastest ways to allow information to travel and we feel that having the right team onboard to do so will help to continue to grow our brand in the right direction.